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S.I.C. Vol. 16 Kamen Rider Black RX & Kamen Rider Black Part 6

Improved humanoid look

A look at the parts and configuration to change Kamen Rider Black into Black RX in S.I.C. Vol. 16 after the previous posting. ^^

Kamen Rider Black and all of Black's parts.

The head.

Body armor.

The curved engraving and sculpted cracks on the left chest panel form the "RX" symbol.

Like its Kamen Rider Black counterpart, the armor part is made of soft plastic.

Like its Kamen Rider Black counterpart again, Sunriser, the henshin belt is also made of die-cast part.

Parts for the arms and legs.

Shoulder armors.

The arms.

The red jewel on the left wrist is much more pronounced and more integrated with the suit design than its appearance on the TV series.
The second image is from 2000 Fun Forum.

A pair of option closed fists.
The right fist has a slot to hold the handle of Revolcane, Kamen Rider Black RX's sword.

Comparing the fists to the default opened hands.

The default opened hands.

Thigh armors.

Lower legs.

Heavy, shiny die-cast parts for the feet.

Detaching and re-attaching parts for the form change was covered in details in Part 2, so I'll just briefly mention the process to configure Kamen Rider Black to Black RX here.

Kamen Rider Black's parts are detached from the base body.

The neck piece, a common part between the two forms, is detached from the head and collar part.

The arms and legs are attached to the base body.

The thigh armors and Sunriser are equipped to the base body.

The one-piece body armor is slid onto the base body.

The collar area of the body armor has a set of slot to hold the pegs on the sides of the neck piece.

The head is pegged onto the neck joint to complete the configuration.

All done for Kamen Rider Black RX's form change. ^^

More images of the completed figure:

Closeups on the details:






While this S.I.C. representation does feature some design points that are very different from Black RX's original, official image, they are definitely not as radical as the redesign for Black. ^^ Also, in many ways, this S.I.C. representation helps to give Black RX a smoother, more organic look, which is a refreshing take on the more polygonal, almost mechanical design of the original suit.

The redesign of the original hexagonal grid panel on the abdomen into something that resembles more of a silver armor plate with six-pack is definitely my favorite design points on this S.I.C. figure. ^^

Right image is from Tuitoon.

And again, even though the redesign can be considered a huge departure from the original image of Black RX, it's appealing, or at least easier to accept as compared to Black. ^^ Then again, that could be just Black's overly insect-like redesign with focus on emphasizing its non-human qualities being too radical to begin with, while Black RX's design was romanticizing its strong build on an existing humanoid look can be accepted more easily. They definitely have their own merits in design, but it's the one easier to relate to that's my favorite between the two. ^^

Will move on with some action poses from Black RX next. ^^

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