Friday, November 20, 2015

S.I.C. Vol. 16 Kamen Rider Black RX & Kamen Rider Black Part 3

My name is Radical

More images of S.I.C. Kamen Rider Black after the form change configuration in the previous posting: ^^

Closeups on the details:







As I imagined all this while, this S.I.C. release gave Kamen Rider Black a radical, almost unrecognizable alternate design. The pair of decorative insect legs hanging out from the chest may seem like the most obvious design point to emphasize on the figure's exaggerated insect look, they are but extra elements to support the overall crazy image. ^^ The thin limbs and the overall glossy paint work, not to mention the obvious insect look of the head all culminated into a design of the Kamen Rider completely unrelatable to that as seen in its TV series. ^^

I used to think the membrane-like splits between the armor parts on the original design look organic enough to indicate its insect connection, but this S.I.C. version really went miles beyond that.

Personally, I don't like this S.I.C. image of Kamen Rider Black - it's too radical for my liking. ^^; On that matter, the S.H. Figuarts version, particularly the Renewal Ver. is my definite favorite of all the designs based off Kamen Rider Black. However, I really like this figure itself. The design is so unique and unconventional it allows the figure to stand out even when its Kamen Rider connection is discarded. ^^ It very much looks like a work of pure art, a sculpture of an imaginary fusion between a man and a grasshopper. ^^

It's for the support of that artistic image that I followed the box art and fixed the figure in a hunched pose with bent knees for the photos above. ^^

A look at the S.I.C. figure's articulation design next. ^^

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