Monday, January 4, 2010

MG F91 Part 7

The ridicule just get more ridiculous

It's been quite a while since my last review on the still-work-in-progress MG F91. Work on it never stopped during the period between then and now though, just awesomely slow, as usual if you know my progress. ^^;

Started panel-lining the left arm. The differentiation between the left and right arms is the larger forearm for the earlier, where it's incorporated with the beam shield generator. With that component in, quite a bit of handiwork is needed. ^^;

Details inside the armors are panel-lined, with silver painted on the wire-like design at the front portion.

Edge of the armor for the hand is painted in dark gray from Gundam Marker Gundam SEED set, a color I seldom used in the past. I suppose black won't hurt as well, as it's a matching color for the fingers.

As Quentin often mentioned in the past, no hydraulic pipe is safe from the gold and silver obsession I have. ^^ In this case, the little part that folds out to become the arm of the beam shield generator.

Quite a bit of painting needed to reproduce the colors of the beam shield generator as shown on the manual. Luckily the two parts are in white, so painting is made much easier.

Yellow first for the interior walls of the six nozzles.

Panel-lined the exterior before the next color.

Gray for the exterior of the nozzles.

Black for the nozzles themselves, to show depth.

A bit of gray is painted between the nozzles to close the gap. To make sure that there's a difference between the armor and the mecha component of the beam shield generator, there shouldn't be any white portion showing anywhere inside or outside the nozzles.

Completed by re-panel lining the two parts and cleaning off any excessive paint.

Fairly straight forward and simple so far, for s few parts anyway. Moving on to panel-line the parts for the inner frame, but something extremely strange pop up.

Different colors between the elbow and the rest spotted!

And I was slow enough to notice about it after panel-lining all the parts ^^;

Looks like the mystery involving MG Crossbone Full Cloth lingers and is still haunting me even up to this point. The answer, or solution should lie in that box of MG Crossbone I have ^^;

Ebichu-man I will sort things out in the next review ^^;


Val Varo said...

Ouch, looks like you have some bad luck with the F91. I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out for ya.

Val Varo said...

The Dalong check confirms it: all the arm frame parts should be the same color.

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

looks like some 'mixing' with crossbone had happened

CD said...

Oh noes, now your F91 will slightly be off color. @_@
Wonder how ya'll overcome this?

Ken said...

mayb u exhange ur runner with Crossbone ?/?

Q said...

Haha not even the smallest part is safe from your bling bling hydraulic pipe obsession ^^;

And colour mismatch because of different runners sure is bizzare. Tbh I was laughing hard when I read up to the end of your post.