Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 3

Master Grade happy painting II

Showing you the result from the completed paint job on all the parts from Part 2:

Barrels of beam blasters on the Peacock Smasher.
Do they look like the speaker pods from VF-25G Messiah Valkyrie Michael's Unit?

Nozzles of the beam blasters - excess paint from around the edges are scratched away. The gray portion inside the nozzles is carefully painted.

Nozzles of the beam sabers/beam guns painted in yellow.

Gray parts of Zanbuster completed.
I've seen folks painted these parts in gold, making the entire weapon looks really "artistic" - like that from the old centuries. ^^ I prefer it to be more loyal to the kit itself.

Yellow portion on the handle of Muramasa Blaster completed.

Painted black for the interior of Muramasa Blaster's nozzle to show depth.

Silver heat blade

For those who are still wandering what the "normal" paint marker looks like as mentioned in the previous review, this is it:

Image is from Zebra Pen.

The one I used for the chain and heat dagger is of course silver, but I do have the gold color of this marker as well. I got it for RM6 in a local stationary store but I see it in every stationery store I go to, as well as the stationery department of many departmental stores so I assume that it's available everywhere (hence "normal" ^^). I believe you can find one in your stationery store as well.

It's quite a good marker really, but I don't have any preference for it. I have oil-based markers with different brands that work just as well. Painting large surface using this marker is good, since the tip is large. Super fast in drying up (much faster than Gundam Markers) but painting multiple layer on the same part in a short time will cause the paint to clot up and becomes murky.

Also, the paint is quite "heavy" in the sense that you would thicken the part you paint with it. If you use the marker on a piece of paper, you will actually see the layer very clearly. The additional thickness incurred isn't very much really, but when certain joints and tabs are designed to be really tight on Gunplas in the first place, the additional thickness caused by the paint marker means a lot. So avoid painting parts that has to be connect to another one using this marker.


Cass said...

Ah those markers. I'm also using them. I find the silver much better than the GM silver. XP

Chris said...

Haha, me too, I got those markers too. Hooray for us in Kuching?

Billy said...

Thanks for telling me about the marker you used.I'm a bit relief since i got myself the same brand silver marker but i kinda scare i would ruin my MG Exia ignition mode's broken sword.It's a great help.XD

Evaritus Lau said...

Wow, that's 1 big tip marker, pity no such color here...haiz..