Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MG F91 Part 6

Hi-ho, Silver! Away!

Finally, it's not about the display base anymore XD

But if you're thinking the amount of painting will go any less on the actual model itself as compared to the display base, then you might be surprised to see just how many spots on the model which are not molded in their exact color.

Well, that's if you follow the color scheme shown in the manual really. All the painting I did is optional.

First component to go is the shoulder armors

Images from the manual and box art are showing that the wall inside the verniers are in yellow - a feature to be seen on all similar parts of F91, and white for the frames of the heat radiating fins.

The first part should be no problem I believe, but for the later, painting white on black is always hard for me.

Back to Gundam Markers it is. ^^

First round of painting.

Panel-lined the details inside the shoulder armors.

Scratch away excessive paint of the verniers when they dried.

The completed shoulder armors - with panel-lines drawn on their exterior as well.

While the fins have different part numbering, they are all of the same size. Had to make sure of that in case the numbering is important to determine which one is to be assembled onto the model first later on.

Should have ended with panel-lining the individual lines on each fin to cover up the spilled white paint, but I succumbed to my penchant for shiny painted parts here and there on my model, so...

Gundam Marker Gold scores again ^^

The heat radiating fins look like they are performing their task all the time on my F91 from now on. XD

Lining up the fins onto Tack-It plaster for them to dry.
Do their look like sailing yachts in the picture? XD

All parts for the shoulder armors.


Q said...

You can never get away with the bling blings as usual XD

Chris said...

Even with your love for silver and gold paintings on details, it's still unusual for you to change a colour scheme for a part. ^^
But I guess this part is small enough so gold seems appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Why not paint ALL the radiator fins to gold.