Friday, January 8, 2010

MG F91 Part 9

Couldn't argue with the manual I

Got over the issues with the messed up runners and resume my work on MG F91. Hopefully everything will be fine from now onwards. ^^

Working on the waist this time, which has quite a few parts to paint if you follow the manual closely.

First up, panel-lining.

Not much external details, which is a good thing really. Too much lines and details for such a small model is going to make it look messy I think.

Different design for the two side skirt armors because different weapons are to be stored in them.

A lot of details on the parts for the hip joint as well, although they are quite dark to be seen.

And then the painting part:

Parts that require painting - 7 smaller thrusters on the front and rear skirt armors, 6 of them on the 3 black parts shown - the harder ones to be painted. ^^; Plus the extra beam shield generator.

The concerned parts, shown being painted in the manual.

White and yellow are the 2 colors to be painted for the thrusters.
Another 2 circles forgotten for the triangular thrusters on the front skirt armors.

Yellow interior painted with Gundam Marker Yellow first (from Gundam SEED set). A few layers is needed to cover the black surface.

When the paint dried, the excess paint is scratched off.
A comparison between before (left) and after (right).

Done with the yellow part.

Next up, the exterior of the thrusters are painted with Gundam Marker White (also from Gundam SEED set).

Done with the white part.

Although they are going to be covered up by the front skirt armors, I tried not to go over the edges of the painted parts too much. I'm thinking of building the entire frame first, and spilled over white paint on the black parts isn't going to be pretty.

One more thrusters to be painted, but it's in white, so the work would be much easier.

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i believe u did a good job there.