Thursday, October 21, 2010

HCM-Pro Gouf Custom Part 1

Fierceness in a smaller scale

Slowing down a bit on Gunpla-ing but still going on with Gundam stuff. ^^

Introducing today is Gouf Custom from the hibernating HCM-Pro series. ^^

As a fan of fierce-looking mecha, there are a handful of MSs from the Gundam world that are on top of my list of the most fierce-looking design. Gouf Custom would have to in the top tier. Its powerful appearance in the OVA "the 08th MS Team" is unforgettable. The most memorable scene for me would have to be it standing on top of the building with the Sun on its back, moving its mono-eye camera scanning the battlefield. Somehow, just by standing like that poses a very striking image in my mind. Powerful, cautious, cunning but mysterious at the same time as one cannot really see the details of the body before the close-up, thanks to the Sun.

That's exactly why I'm very excited to see that scene being used as the box art image of the upcoming HGUC Gunpla kit version. ^^

Image is from Amazon Japan.

Of course, those very clever moves on destroying Guntanks as seen in the anime, with even the pilot's sacrifice in the end to achieve that objective is equally moving as well.

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

I think the powerful image of Gouf Custom is due to the many fearsome factors of a Zeon MS being emphasized on the design. The goggle has been made narrower to create a sharper image of the mono-eye camera, the shoulder armor made larger with much pointier horns, the use of a solid heat blade as the main weapon, together with everyone's favorite Gatling gun, mounted on the shield some more. Which part of that doesn't sound cool and fierce to the fans? ^^

Most releases of Gouf Custom, with the exception of the first MG showed the unit in light powder blue color scheme, which isn't exactly right if I may nitpick a bit here. The color scheme as shown in the anime is darker in tone, which seems a lot more realistic. Then again, from time to time, I do feel that powder blue is an unconventionally cool color to be used on a MS. ^^ I mean, how many MSs are there that are in such color anyway? XD

Got this HCM-Pro figure of Gouf Custom quite a long time ago. The HCM-Pro series as you know it, promises a lot of gimmicks, detailed paint work and good articulation in the smaller 1/200 scale. The price is higher, but the value is certainly there. Some of the special features and gimmicks of this action figure:
- Movable mono-eye camera
- Spare magazines and mount rack for the forearm machine gun
- Effect part that doubles as display base for the foot
- Special suction part to display the figure hanging in mid air for one of the poses seen in the anime.

Forearm machine gun, Gatling shield and effect display base shown through the box's window.

Images behind the box give preview of the mechanical details designed for the head, chest and backpack.

Box open.

The big round white component is the suction part.

Bigger parts (plus the anchor wire) are the ones placed on the tray.

Other smaller parts, most which are still on their runners are stored behind the box.

The other accessories and manual.

Another special feature of this figure, if you call it a special feature is the 2 pairs of hand units that are of pretty much the same design, just that the material used is different - one is ABS, and the other one soft plastic. All are meant to hold the different weapons, or as closed fist display. Another pair of spread palm is included as well.

A look at the various weapons and accessories in the next posting. ^^


Q said...

Ah the Gouf Custom... Definitely many fans' favourites. Mine included ^^ Can't beat that fierce look along with the gattling shield, as well as the fierce piloting skills of Norris!

Even though I got myself the 08th MS Team NG 1/144 Gouf Custom back then (and painted it dark green), I think I'd go for the HGUC version as well~

As for the HCM-Pro one, I like how there's an effect base as well as a suction cap for you to hang your Gouf onto random places... Like in your bathroom or kitchen XD Just kidding, anywhere that's good and you can hang it on the underside of bookshelves etc and it won't take up the shelf space that all others have to stand on!

Interesting to know that HCM-Pro already has identical parts included but made with different materials. I only recall some Robot Damashii toys have it, as well as the MG Victory Gundam which has a spare V-fin made with another material.

Anonymous said...

And coming soon, the up coming HGUC version with better articulation than the previous one. =D
Sorta wants...

@Q: thanks for mentioning what is the suction cup is for, was wondering about that...

Reeoyuy said...

Have you seen MS IGLOO 2 episode 3? A Gouf custom is destroyed by a Guntank. Talk about irony.
I think that 50% of Gouf Custom awesomeness is Norris Packard; any other pilot and it's just another cannon fodder :)

Ngee Khiong said...


I have that older plamo kit version as well. Actually I have all the plamo kit (regular releases from Bandai) releases of Gouf Custom because I just love this MS. ^^ I'll definitely get the upcoming HGUC version for the new interpretation of the design. I like how the Gatling shield can be separated now. It was molded entirely in black back in the older 1/144 scale version. Even though a separate shield is included, I would definitely love to see a design that is more loyal to the original feature coming out.

The suction part is interesting, but given the small size of this HCM-Pro action figure, it's a bit hard to notice no matter where you hang him. ^^; That's one "unfortunate" outcome. But I'll save this part till another upcoming posting. ^^


Watch out for the elbow articulation and part design of the upcoming HGUC version. ^^


I watched that, but it's fine for me. They did allow a failed Zeon MS (Zudah) to kill a few GMs in the fist chapter when the story was focused on the Zeon side, so a bit of payback for Earth Federation in blowing up Zakus, Doms and Gouf Custom using just 3 tanks IgLoo 2 is "justifiable" XD
That episode was totally awesome by the way.