Thursday, October 7, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 22

In before the "limiter" and gravity

Action speaks louder than words, so nice a varieties of action poses would be more useful to examine the articulation of the kit rather than just text-based introduction of it. ^^

Pretty poor kneeling pose as expected. ^^;

My favorite weapon out of them all are the beam Zanber and heat dagger. The earlier expresses the feel of Crossbone Gundam's pirate theme very well. The heat dagger is small and light, but has a very realistic military feel to it. It's a very nice weapon part to show off some fierce action poses with the model.

A very well-balanced model I would say. There's no special part on the model that might block any pose you want him to perform (except the kneeling down part). So it's a very enjoyable kit if you're in for the action poses.

Not going to be the case when the limiter - the cloth armor parts and special weapons comes in in the next posting, together with another not-so-helpful factor - gravity to further cut down on the model's posability. ^^ The complete combo will be very interesting to see though. ^^


redmage20386 said...

I do think with the cloth is good for standing only pose?

let see how you pose with the cloth in next review ^^;

Ngee Khiong said...


The cloth armor is next. ^^

MR_ZINC (AULON) said...

I just love Crossbones. I have ver. Ka standing on the shelf, unpainted, no panel lines and it still looks awesome, even if she's smaller than other MG's. If time allows it (and my neve-ending ever-growing backlog) I will work on it this winter. I will try to make it like in the windfall ilustration (will send it to you later).
Great review, can't wait for the full cloth. Not a big fan of full cloth even if I enjoy the look of it tough but first - It's crossbone and second - your reviews are always very enjoyable

Alexkinamoto said...

I love Crossbone ^^ this guy looks really intimidating,especially the face open part.Still i don't get it how can he grab the Heat Dagger from the calf ^^;

Anon said...

Crossbone has sooo many weapons ^^ Value for money :D

Mafty said...

woah, actually you got lots of pose this time eh?

btw ngee, did you paint the sword handle? can I ask what paint it is?
I remember mine still white..
and obviously I didn't have any paint experience before >.<

Kibo said...

You have very good photography skills too!!!

Kibo said...

Actually, are there supposed to be 2 heads to this crossbone or just a different face mask?

Ilham Abadi said...

This really makes me want to get one for myself.. but i'm not sure i can make it so neat and nice as yours.. ^^

Excellent work!

Kok Chee Kang said...

the crossbone full cloth can hold the saber well? i have ver.ka version and the saber cant clip into the crossbone hand.