Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 1

Epic box art

While sorting out the images of HCM-Pro Gouf Custom for its gallery with the last part of the review coming up, here's an introduction on the current Gunpla I'm working on after HGM 1/550 Dendrobium: MG Infinite Justice Gundam.

As you can see from the review by Dalong, this MG is rigged with all sorts of gimmicks, including the linked movement of the backpack binders and wings, expandable side skirt armors, expandable hip joints, the usual sliding thigh armor and a whole array of beam parts and other weapons with their own gimmicks. And of course, the signature inner frame details that are unbelievably rich for majority of the parts is an undeniable selling point as well.

At the time when this kit was released (2008), it's pretty much a culmination of all the goodness that Bandai could throw in for an MG release from "Gundam SEED Destiny" series.

However, putting aside all the good points as mentioned above, the box art design of this kit is just plain awesome. ^^

Strike Freedom Gundam, Legend Gundam and Archangel in the background.

Gouf Ignited and Murasame as well.

From the first image, you can also make out a Mobile Dinn, a couple of Murasame in MA mode plus a couple of ships from orb (?) firing their missiles. Depicted as the battle at Orb featuring the debut of this Gundam I believe, the details of the box art is just great. Kind-of like a preview of all the details you're able to get from the model kit itself. ^^

The construction manual that uses a fitting but highly uncommon pink as the color. ^^

Runner A, the usual multi-colored runner featuring parts in dark magenta, yellow, green and clear color, mainly for the backpack and shield.

Not sure what was Bandai's plan for the V-fin there. ^^;

A long clear part for the head sensor, and separated green parts for the stripes on the chest.

Runner B - dark magenta parts mainly for the backpack (Fatum-01).

Runner C and D (x2) - All the white parts for the body, weapons, legs and shoulder armors.

Pilot figure and standing figure of Athrun.
The body of the beam rifle is molded in a single piece.

Runner E - Pink parts mainly for the body.

One piece thigh armors, and extensive details behind the rear skirt armor -same level of crazy details you can expect on all the skirt armor pieces actually.

Runner F (x2) - Pink part for the arms and legs.

Extensive details behind all the armors as well, but I won't bother myself with panel-lining these since they won't be seen once the armors are being fitted onto the inner frame.

Runner G - Black parts for the wings and display base connectors.

Runner H - Black parts for the body, leg and backpack.

Parts for the chest armor with delicate details for the vents.

Runner I - Gray parts for the weapons and various thrusters on the backpack and the Gundam itself.

Details on the body of beam rifle.

Runner J - Silver ABS parts for various inner frame components.

Tons of details here and there. ^^

Runner K (x2) - Silver ABS parts for the inner frame of the legs.

Tons of details here and there as well. ^^

Runner L - Brighter silver parts for the backpack. Also contains parts for the shield (the claws), backpack thrusters and Vulcans of the head.

Runner M and beam saber parts.

Glittering effect for the beam parts. ^^

Polycap set - the standard PC-130 type used by all Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny MGs and wire for the claws of the shield.

PET part for the beam shield.

Decals and clear stickers.

Some very stylish marking design there, same design as some of the ones on MG Strike Freedom Gundam. ^^

All 368 parts including the polycaps - a normal count for a Gundam SEED Destiny MG I believe. ^^ Will show you the first part of the work after the last review on HCM-Pro Gouf Custom.


Glorieux "Apex Inbound" Steven said...

I have made this one to. Next to the MG Destiny Full Burst, I find it to be my best MG...Have fun with this one

J said...

Totally, the Infinite Justice is an awesome build, I was really happy with how it turned out. Looking forward to seeing your awesome finished product with this one!

redmage20386 said...

I agree, this MG is epic...

and the massive size is great too ^^;

Ngee Khiong said...

>>Steven, J, redmage20386

Agree, the details of this MG, as with many others in the series are just mind blowing. ^^

Have to wait for a while to see the completed work of this MG, but the report on the progress will always be around though. ^^