Friday, November 5, 2010

HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type Part 7 [Final]

Versatility and power!

A posting showing action poses of HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type, which will be the last part of my review on this kit.

Can "sort-of" kneel. ^^

Much better action poses with the help of a display base since the unit is meant for space combat deployment.

With FG Gundam Exia.

A side by side comparison with Tieren Ground Type.

Comparison with FG Gundam Exia.

Just like the Ground Type grunt unit, I really like this Space Commander Type variation of Tieren. The size is just unbeatable. ^^ Then again, the articulation is super versatile despite the bulky design, allowing the kit to display plenty of nice action poses, especially when it's on a display base. I think the joint of the shoulder shield introduced extensively in Part 6 is perhaps the best so far for kits with such attachment. The range of movement it can perform is just incredible. Also, because the size is larger, the shields do give the unit an extra sense of strength that the Ground Type is somewhat lacking.

Speaking of power, I do feel that this Space Commander Type looks more fearsome than the Ground Type. The much darker color scheme, the long claws on the heel, the extra blades on the Smooth-bore gun, extra equipments and the design of the head, in which the mono-eye camera seems even more hidden thanks to the extra block of mecha on the forehead, all these elements are pretty awesome design points on this unit.

I really like the design of leg as well. Come to think of it, not just the thigh and the knee, the entire weight of the upper body is actually resting on the two rings connected to the tanks. That's quite a bold design right there. ^^ It's very unconventional alright, but it doesn't obstruct any of the movement at all. Very sweet. ^^

This is not the last of my Tieren kit actually. I still have the 1/100 scale Tieren Ground Type, HG 1/144 Tieren Taozi and Sergei's Customized Tieren Taozi, plus the HCM-Pro Ground Type & Long Range Artillery Support set. So, there will be more more reviews on Tieren to come in the future. ^^

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HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type


Marzz said...

I must say, the Tieren is a love/hate model kit. At first glance, it doesn't seem to be very impressive, but once you go into finer details, oh boy! What an impressive kit!

Ngee Khiong said...

For a mono-eye unit that resembles so much like the original Zaku II, Tieren is full of love for me. XD

MR_ZINC (AULON) said...

Tierens are awesome, you did it justice :D please do Taozie (or Tau-2 [zu]) next, either regular or Sergiei's

BTW, if you have some time plese visit my blog :) I know you like SD's so my latest kit may interest you.

Chris said...

Oh, you didn't have the regular Space type? I was hoping you have one so you can compare with the Commander type.

Anon said...

Guess it sorta makes sense that it's bulkier, since there's no gravity in space. So technically movements won't be encumbered no matter how large the suit is, as long as it's in space ^^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Space Tieren seems bigger and has a more protection covered by the shoulders shields compared to its counterpart on earth. The multiple thrusters also makes it more superior in terms of agility to ground type. Some nice posing with the stand and the bigger size makes it more value for money too... Hee! Hee!

reeoyuy said...

IIRC, the carbon blade on smooth bore gun also act as some sort of cooling fin for the gun. It's much harder to disperse heat on space since no medium such as air.

Q said...

I must admit that back then when lineart of Tieren first showed up I found it very strange looking, maybe it's due to how it was standing upstraight rather than its natural standing stance. When gunpla of them came out, they seem a lot more natural than I'd have thought, and its design definitely took to my liking quickly.

Having propellent tanks (or "milk bottles", as you have called them XD) on the knees is a rather unusual design, as most designs would have put them at the back.

What got me really intrigued is that despite its really bulky appearance, the Tieren is actually pretty well articulated - it's just very difficult to imagine in the first place ^^;

Ngee Khiong said...


Thanks. Will do that. ^^


No, I don't have that one.


Agree on that. The size, which translate to weight for Tieren won't mean much in space since there's no gravity up there, which is probably why the leg joints are so special. There's not much weight issue to be worried about so the conventional joint design of Tieren Ground Type won't be necessary. The long claws on the heel are most probably meant to pin the MS on some object in space rather than as weapon.


Not sure about its actual combat performance because we really didn't see much of that in the anime. I bought the kit because I really love the design, and how close those shields are when compared to that on Zaku II. ^^


Thanks for the info. That's indeed the function of the fins from the manual (放熱板).


Like you said, the articulation of Tieren is unbelievable. I already experienced that with Tieren Ground Type, but this Space Commander Type is pretty awesome as well. The articulation of the unconventional leg and the shoulder shields are amazing. ^^ It's indeed hard to imagine in the first place.

Can't judge a Tieren from just the lineart, can you XD