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BB Senshi Sangokuden Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku Part 9

Mugenbine BB Senshi Sangokuden

After completing Korinpaku in the previous posting, here's a look at how it can be equipped onto Sonken Gundam to form the mighty armored version. ^^

Korinpaku in "Kogyou" (虎暁) configuration with Sonken Gundam.

Korinpaku needs to be dismantled completely.

Almost all of Sonken Gundam's armors need to be detached as well ...

... except the forearm armors.

The rear legs are rotated downward with the sides facing the top.
Funnily, this is the only "real" transformation in the entire configuration. The rest of the steps are Mugenbine-like part-swapping. ^^;

Slide the Gundam's feet into the space behind the paws. The two tabs on the side of the rear legs - now the insole ^^ connects to the slots on the Gundam's sole to secure the parts.

The clear blue stripes on the shoulder armors are tilted inward slightly so that the stripes seem to be pointing directly to the back.

The Gundam's shoulder pegs slide into a set of slots beneath Korinpaku shoulder armors.
The instruction didn't mention removing the arm from the body is necessary actually, but like equipping the Armor of Byako onto Sonken in Part 6, I find it to be helpful in the overall sequence.

(Left) The front paws are rotated downward.
(Right) The top of the front leg is pegged into a slot near the outer edge of the shoulder armor to form a large shoulder plate.

The "new" arms are attached onto Sonken Gundam.

The body and shoulder joint parts of Korinpaku are assembled into a backpack.

Two pegs on the backpack peg onto the back of Sonken Gundam.

The chest and front skirt armors are slide onto Sonken Gundam's body.

For the helmet, the tiger's mandible must be removed first.
The tail is pegged into the slot near the bottom edge of the mane.

A tab beneath the tiger head pegs to the top of Sonken Gundam's head to complete the configuration. ^^

With Shin Koteitou (真・虎錠刀) equipped, Sonken Gundam with Korinpaku is done. ^^

Three leftover parts from this configuration.

More images of this really flamboyant BB Senshi Sangokuden kit: XD

Closeups on the details:






The replacement of Armor of Byako with the much larger Korinpaku armor gives Sonken Gundam a rather beefed-up look, which is well anticipated actually. Then again, the size increment isn't exactly that significant. The super large shoulder armors and new "shoes" (XD) do increases the overall width and height respectively, but you can see that the main body remains pretty much the same with Sonken without all the new armors in terms of proportion.

Size comparison with a regular BB Senshi Sangokuden kit:

With Bacho Blue Destiny.

Still, I do like this new armored form. ^^ At least all the parts do belong to Sonken Gundam and he doesn't have to borrow parts from other kits to get his ultimate form (unlike poor Kibutei Sousou Gundam who has to get parts from his son and top general XD). The transformation gimmick is mainly just Mugenbine-like part-swapping, which is well expected as the entire series is supposedly made simpler in design for younger fans. It's not exactly exciting since the sequence is tremendously easy, almost too easy I would say ^^; but it's an effective design nonetheless, and I like how the components on the tiger match their positions on the Gundam as well. The rear legs form the feet, the front legs form the shoulder armors and the head ends up as Sonken Gundam's new helmet as well. Even the components of the tiger's body becomes the Gundam's armors and backpack. It seems that the entire tiger is encapsulating Sonken Gundam and it's indeed protecting him. That's a very cool design point in my opinion.

Some action poses of Sonken Gundam with Korinpaku in the next posting. ^^

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