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Revoltech Protect Gear the Red Spectacles Edition Part 1

Soldier from Hell

Somewhat like the previous review of RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke Ver. 2, the next collectible to come out of my closet is a rather old release as well. ^^

This is Revoltech Protect Gear "the Red Spectacles" edition. It was first released in September 2008, the same year which saw the introduction of the Fraulein and Fist of The North Star Revolution sub-genres (with Rei Ayanami - Late December 2007/early January 2008 release and Kenshiro - early September release respectively). So, while the design is different than the "official" one we are getting today, the label "Yamaguchi" can be seen very clearly on the box to differentiate between the different figure lines.

This particular Revoltech figure was reissued in August 2010 actually, about two years after its initial release. I got mine (brand new) sometime last year, so I suppose it's the reissued version. Then again, I don't suppose there's any change made to the package at all anyway. ^^

The character itself in quite special to me. ^^ Before doing this review, I honestly do not know anything about "The Red Spectacles". ^^; I have seen very similar armor suits through pictures and reviews of action figures, all which are said to be from a series called "Kerberos". The only time I watched the character in action is through an incredible animation film called "Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade". That 1999 film was also from the "Kerberos" series.

Trailer of "Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade".
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

From some of the readings I did before writing this review, it seems that the "Kerberos" series have been ongoing until today since the late 80s, ^^ and it exists in various different formats, including manga, novels, radio dramas, and animations like "Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade" mentioned above. Amazingly, there are even feature films produced and released, including "The Red Spectacles" where this figure was based upon.

Speaking of which, the character design of this figure is really just about the armor suit, or "Protect Gear" to keep to this Revoltech's title. ^^ In that sense, the human character beneath all the armors isn't that important it seems, and that idea itself is quite unique in my opinion. The armor design has become an icon of the series, especially that gas mask. ^^ As mentioned before, "Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade" was the only complete story that I know of regarding the "Kerberos" series, so I honestly can't comment on the overall background and story. From what I watched in "Jin-Roh", the Protect Gear and its main armament saw some brutal and bloody application especially at the story's climax confrontation arc.

On a related note, the entire story of "Jin-Roh" is unbelievably awesome. It may be dark and tragic, but very well written and animated.

By the way, I really like the nickname given to the Kerberos brigade - "watchdog of hell" (地獄の番犬). ^^

I can't find any video clip of "The Red Spectacles" at the moment unfortunately, but here's an impressive trailer of the second feature film from the "Kerberos" series called "Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops".

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

And onto the figure itself:

The figure itself and almost all its accessories can be seen clearly through the front window.

Standard Revoltech design style (of the older standard) for the sides, top and bottom of the box.

A unique label for merchandises specifically from the "Kerberos" series?

Introduction of the figure and accessories on the back of the box.

Comparison with the box of an even older Revoltech release - Patlabor Ingram Unit 1.

Discarding the minor issue of overall size differences, you can see that Ingram Unit 1's box doesn't carry the "Yamaguchi" label. ^^ That's obviously because the Fraulein and Fist of The North Star Revolution sub-series didn't exist at the time it was released. ^^

Box open.

Instructions on equipping the ammo belt to the machine gun and mounting the pistol to the shield's back are shown on the box flaps.

Front view of the package content.

Rear view of the package content.

Package content without the top cover.

Straight out of box Protect Gear.

Taped to the back of the plastic tray are the display stand's parts and option hand units for the figure.

Booklet and pamphlet included.

Instruction on how to adjust the figure's Revoltech joints are shown on the pamphlet. ^^

Much like the ones included in newer Revoltech releases we have today, the promo booklet shows the latest and upcoming figures and event - in 2008. ^^

As usual, an introduction of all the accessories and more images of the figure coming up next. ^^

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