Friday, August 10, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku Part 6

Not-so white white armor

After a very long delay (since late May ^^;), it's time to roll out an emperor-class Gunpla: ^^

Interestingly (perhaps just to me ^^;), this is the first model kit to be assembled and reviewed on this blog in almost a month - the last one was Master Grade Zeta Plus. I remember working on quite a few kits within this one-month period, but all the work didn't involve final assembly of any kit it seemed.

I blame Keropla God Keron for that lack of progress. XD

Anyway, setting aside the tiger armor Korinpaku (虎燐魄), this posting will focus on the assembly of Sonken Gundam.

Parts of Sonken Gundam's main body.

(Left) Two mask and sideburns parts to swap between father and son on the actual kit. The part on the right (with the two extra mustache lines XD) is for Sonken Zephyranthes the father.
(Right) Foil sticker for the eyes.

Part-swapping between the masks is pretty simple, but it's not exactly an interesting feature in my opinion. ^^;

All major separable components.

Sonken Gundam in plain form is completed. ^^

One-piece part for Sonken Zephyranthes's sword Gaouken 01 (牙王剣・零壱).

Sonken Gundam in plain form with Gaouken 01.

Closeups on the details:

Some simple action poses with Sonken Gundam:

Armoring up Sonken Gundam with Armor of Byako (白虎の鎧): ^^

Sonken Gundam with all his extra armor parts.
I forgot to put in another two forearm armors before snapping the picture. ^^;

Simple assembly for the shoulder armors that is disproportionate to the amount of paint and panel line work applied to the four parts. ^^;

The connecting pins of the little tiger emblems on the back of the shoulder armors are painted black using normal marker to hide their original color.

Foil sticker in used for the forehead sensor.

All armor components that form Armor of Byako (白虎の鎧).
The two missing forearm armors mentioned just now are shown. ^^;

To make the assembly easier, I pull the arms out from the body first before putting the shoulder armors onto them.

The chest armor goes onto the plain form's body first, followed by the red muffler.

With the arms reattached.

An armored Sonken Gundam without any weapon attached.

While it's called Armor of Byako (白虎の鎧) - Armor of the White Tiger, most of the parts have more shades of black than white actually. ^^; Take the helmet for example, you can't see much of the white portion from the model's front view. ^^

More images of this completed Sonken Gundam in the next posting. ^^

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