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BB Senshi Sangokuden Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku Part 8

The mighty White Tigerzo... Oops! Wrong tiger

Moving on to an entirely separate kit in BB Senshi Sangokuden Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku after focusing on Sonken Gundam/Zephyranthes in the previous posting. ^^

Yes, Korinpaku (虎燐魄) is an entirely different kit on its own, even though its parts are molded on the same runners that contain parts for the Gundam. ^^ The price of 1,200 Yen (exclusive of tax) sort of suggested that it's going to be containing two kits since a regular BB Senshi Sangokuden kit cost 600 Yen (exclusive of tax), but I never realized that it's literally so in the first place. ^^;

All parts of Korinpaku.

(Left) The leg part's joint simply slide onto the peg of the paw to allow the latter to be bent.
(Right) The joint is sealed by a very decorated cap. ^^

Instead of using the foil stickers for the front skirt armor right away, two tiny golden protruding bits are cut away to give the blue stripes a more cohesive look on the part. ^^
The blue square crotch piece is realized using foil sticker as well.

All components of Korinpaku.
This "scattered" list shows how all the components are broken down to form the three configurations: the Tiger Spirit "Kogyou" (虎暁), Sonken Gundam with Korinpaku and the Beast God mode (獣神形態).

Semi-transparent white polycaps for all the joints. ^^

All major separable components for the Tiger Spirit "Kogyou".

(Left) The great sword Shin Koteitou (真・虎錠刀) fits inside a dedicated "valley" that runs beneath the entire body of the tiger.
(Right) The front skirt armor fits onto the abdomen area to secure the sword's connection.

(Left) Very simple slide-on joint connects the leg to the body.
(Right) The Gundam form's chest armor ends up on the back of the tiger, at the very end. ^^;

Two tabs of the same design can be seen on the back. In "Kogyou" (虎暁) configuration, the head pegs to the rear tab.

According to the manual, the hilt of Shin Koteitou should come out through the tiger's jaw.
I prefer not to have it in such a position because it makes the tiger looks like he's choking on the sword. ^^;

I prefer to have the tiger head tilted upward slightly so that the mandible rests on top of the sword hilt. ^^

Tons of unused foil sticker pieces for this kit. ^^;

More images of the just completed Korinpaku in "Kogyou" (虎暁) configuration:

Closeups on the details:


[Front legs]


[Rear legs]


Bottom view:

Thanks to all the ball-type joints shown earlier on, the tiger has a wide range of articulation:

Except for the head, front paws and tail, all movable parts on the tiger are on ball-type joints, so you can just imagine how freely it can move. ^^ As a matter of fact, the tiger's movement is a lot less restrictive as compared to Sonken Gundam. ^^;

The super flexible joints make it a bit difficult to position all the parts properly in certain poses, which is a well expected weakness when you have limitless articulation on figures and kits, but that's more of a minor issue for Korinpaku. ^^ I'm certainly glad that there are so many movable parts designed for the tiger, as some of its poses can be really cool-looking. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

With Sonken Gundam.

I really like the tiger. ^^ The overall design and color scheme are just so great to look at, ^^ although just like the comment I made about Sonken Gundam/Zephyranthes in the previous posting, I wish some extra foil stickers were included for certain parts, especially the blue stripes on the both sides of the head. ^^; Even though I did painted those stripes and the outcome seems to be good, it wasn't an easy work. ^^ The fear of ruining the head if the paint work didn't work well wasn't that great to bear either. ^^;

Moving on to the second configuration of Korinpaku next. ^^

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