Friday, August 3, 2012

Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Starscream Part 1

Hidden gem

Reviewing the action figure of another really evil character after Sci-fi Revoltech Woody. XD

This is Hasbro's "First Edition" Deluxe Class Starscream from "Transformers: Prime". It's the third figure from the "Transformers: Prime" line I've reviewed so far on this blog, after "First Edition" Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee. Like Cyberverse Arcee, I got Starscream from a local departmental store when it was still on the shelves many months ago. As a matter of fact, I got him long before Cyberverse Arcee, but did the review of the latter first. ^^

After playing with the transformation gimmick and adjusting some action poses on him, I'm really glad that I made the purchase, because its design and engineering is just brilliant. I'll definitely show more of that in the next few postings in this review series, but that comment is perhaps the best introduction I can give to this Starscream. It's not the most popular character in the "First Edition" release by Hasbro I think, as Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Megatron, Arcee and Bumblebee seemed to be the main attractions. Even Deluxe Class Cliffjumper seemed to be enjoying more of the marketing limelight as compared to Starscream, ^^; but this figure is just incredible. I don't like the character (of all reincarnations of Starscream), but I really love this figure. ^^

The label promoting "Transformers: The Ride" at Universal Studios Singapore as seen on "First Edition" Voyager Class Optimus Prime's box is also on Starscream's packaging.

I would say the jet mode is Starscream's "condensed" form XD - will elaborate on this more in the transformation part of this review, so the entire figure can be seen very easily and clear through the clear package.

Box side designs.

The image on the bottom face of the box shows a display platform is included for you to display the figure with.

A very simple design for the back of the package.

Starscream in robot mode is shown.

(Left) Promo for Deluxe Class Arcee and Bumblebee.
(Right) The same image of Optimus Prime and his Autobots comrades from the anime series as seen on "First Edition" Voyager Class Optimus Prime's box is repeated here.

Comparison with "First Edition" Deluxe Class Arcee's packaging.

Comparison with "First Edition" Voyager Class Optimus Prime's packaging.

Not much "grace" in getting Starscream out from its packaging: ^^; the cover is cut at the bottom for the folded instruction sheet to be removed first ...

... before cuts are made on the side until the cover can be lifted and discarded entirely.

The backdrop and front cover.

The same kind of folded paper display base that was also included with "First Edition" Voyager Class Optimus Prime's, albeit wider but narrower. While being overall smaller as compared to Prime's base, Starscream in Deluxe Class scale is not a big figure anyway, so this base would fit him perfectly I think. ^^

The instruction sheet.

The front page of the instruction sheet shows jet-to-robot transformation sequence ...

... while the rear page shows the reverse. ^^

Top view of the plastic tray holding Starscream.

Bottom view of the tray.

Even after being removed from the tray, there are a few smaller plastic covers and rubber bands to take care off before Starscream's jet mode can be displayed properly.

Straight out of plastic container Starscream XD

(Left) The two sets of missiles are the only accessories for Starscream.
(Right) As with quite a few other parts on the figure, the missiles are made of soft rubber.

The missiles are equipped to their respective tabs beneath the wings.

Starscream in jet mode.

More images of Starscream in jet mode to be shown in the next posting. ^^

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