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Revoltech Protect Gear the Red Spectacles Edition Part 2

All the blackness

After the introduction last night, this posting will be about the option parts included in Revoltech Protect Gear and more images of the figure.

Revoltech Protect Gear's accessories.
There's one little needle-like rod that I miss out in the picture. ^^;

(Left) The missing rod is the backpack antenna.
(Right) Made of hard plastic, the antenna part can be bent slight, even though I can't think of a reason that flexibility is necessary. ^^;

(Left) A slot on top the right hand side of the backpack for the antenna part to be equipped.
(Right) The backpack with the antenna attached.

The main armament of the Kerberos brigade: Mauser MG34 machine gun.

Delicate molded details on the entire weapon.
There's no muzzle unfortunately. I can make one very easily using pin vise, but that's not my immediate plan for this review. ^^

Overall length of the machine gun is about 9cm.

The ammo belt for MG34.

Individual bullets are well separated on the belt, but due to the way the part is molded and painted, some of the pieces' appearance is inconsistent, which can be spotted fairly easily. ^^;

(Left) The entire belt can be bent, but it's inflexible. ^^; It keeps returning to being a long and straight "stripe", which won't really look good when equipped to MG34. ^^;
(Right) Overall length of the machine gun is about 8cm.

The ammo belt fits into a slot on the side of MG34.

MG34 with ammo belt.

FG42 Automatic rifle

Just a bit smaller than MG34, the level of details on FG42 is the same though.

Overall length of the rifle is about 7cm.

Sidearm Mauser C96

Another Mauser C96 but without the barrel as an option part to be stored behind the shield.

A tab at the bottom edge of the shield is used to mount the pistol, but the left hand unit must be removed first before the pistol can be fitted properly.

Four option hand units are included: two for holding the weapons and two open type to support the weapons and other poses.
You can clearly see the paint work distinction between the armor portion (in glossy black) and supposedly cloth/fabric portion (in flat black) of the hand units. ^^

With the hand units equipped to the machine gun and pistol.
Given the small trigger guards, I suppose it's a lot easier to not have a curved index finger. ^^; The overall design of the two hand units still works and look great nonetheless. ^^

The default pair of closed fist.

As shown earlier on, Revoltech joint is not used for the wrist, oddly enough. ^^;
The wrist joint on the figure is just a normal peg, which is slightly bigger than the slots on the hand units. While the joint is secure with such design, it's mighty difficult to attach/detach the parts swap between hand units. ^^;

Two display base parts.

(Left) The front-facing peg on the V-shaped base can be used to hold the figure at its heel. There's one peg of the same size on the display base as well for some reason.
(Right) Copyright statement of Mamoru Oshii/Omnibus Promotion (押井守/オムニバスプロモーション).

More images of Revoltech Protect Gear after introducing all of its accessories:

Closeups on the details: ^^

Very true to the armor design, the figure is almost painted entirely in black, with the exception of its goggles - the signature red eyes, a few panels on the chest and the brown boots. Despite the all-black paint work, which made the figure seemed like it could be made and detailed pretty easily, the details are quite impressive when viewed in close range. There are two distinctive shades of black on the whole figure: the body armors are in glossy black while the suit worn beneath those armors are in flat black. This can be seen very easily on the body and thigh, but much smaller components are also given such color separation, with is very impressive. Apart from the hand units shown earlier on, clear border between glossy and flat black paint work can be detected on the head and upper arms as well. ^^

There're more than just all black paint on the figure apparently. ^^

While I really like the figure itself, I can't say I like the weapon design too much. ^^; It's a mixed feeling really. ^^; I really like how they are made to replicate the actual ones from the movie, and they are really well done. If you look up references for the three weapons: MG34 machine gun, FG42 automatic rifle and Mauser C96, the resemblance of the parts in this figure to those real weapons is pretty astounding. ^^ On that note, I kind of feel that the execution of the details wasn't done well enough. Sure there are plenty of details to see, but too much details on such small parts made the weapons look fake to me. ^^; It's as if the figure's weapons are trying to convince you that they look exactly like the actual weapons when it's very obvious from the beginning that in such a small scale, that's just impossible. ^^;

This is one of the rare cases where I actually don't mind having lesser details on the parts to keep their looks simple but cleaner, or maybe the weapons can be made a bit larger so that the details don't look so crammed on the parts. Then again, that would alter the scale of the weapons when compared to the figure and might not be acceptable by some fans. ^^;

A look at the articulation design and a few action poses from this Revoltech figure coming up in the next posting. ^^

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