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BB Senshi Sangokuden Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku Part 11 [Final]

Final form

The last posting for BB Senshi Sangokuden Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku already. ^^

This posting will focus on the last configuration of the kit - from the Gundam mode shown in the last two postings, Sonken Gundam transforms into a tiger with Korinpaku as the Beast God mode (獣神形態). ^^ In the Gunpla comic series, Sonken Gundam saved his brother Sonsaku Physalis from the possession of Shuu Neue Ziel in this mystical tiger form.

The configuration is pretty similar to the armoring of Sonken Gundam in Part 9, yet quite different for a few components at the same time.

Almost all Korinpaku armor pieces on Sonken Gundam need to be detached ...

... except the body armors and top component of the backpack.

All the dismantled (again ^^) Korinpaku armor components.

Not shown in the earlier image, Sonken Gundam's forearm armors need to be detached as well.

The rear paws are transformed back from being the Gundam's feet to their animal form.
The tail is detached from the tiger head, and the mandible is returned to it as well.

Two tabs on the bottom component of what previously is the Gundam's backpack are pegged onto the square slots on the sole.

The rear legs and tail are attached to the backpack component.

(Left) Sonken Gundam's forearm needs to be rotated until the pair of slits that fit his forearm armors are facing the the front.
(Right) A connector piece (not used in the Gundam form) tabs onto the forearm.

A slot behind the front leg pegs right onto the connector piece.

The front legs of the Beast God mode are done.

The hilt of Shin Koteitou (真・虎錠刀) pegs into the polycap on the backpack left by the bottom component that is now the tiger's hip.
I'm not sure what's the purpose of the sword hanging out like that actually. It seems to me like the designer couldn't decide on how to deal with the sword in this form as well. ^^;

The shoulder armors peg into a pair of slots on either side of the backpack.

The tiger head now tabs to the front connector on the backpack.
In the Tiger Spirit "Kogyou" (虎暁) configuration, the rear connector is used instead.

Sonken Gundam with Korinpaku in the Beast God mode configuration is done. ^^

Leftover parts from this configuration.
Sonken Zephyranthes's sword Gaouken 01 (牙王剣・零壱) is not used for any of the three modes involving Korinpaku anyway, so it's kind of pointless to be shown here. I'm not very sure why I put it in the picture in the first place. ^^;

More images of this "new" tiger:

While the previous set of images shows it in a crouched position (crouching tiger, where's the hidden dragon XD), the Beast God mode is capable of a more normal standing position nonetheless.

Sonken's face is completed visible in bottom view. ^^;

Closeups on the details:



[Front legs]

[Rear legs]

Like the "Kogyou" configuration, the Beast God mode is capable of a wide range of movement as well. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

I like this Beast God mode as well, but not as much as Sonken Gundam with Korinpaku in Gundam form, or Korinpaku in its own "Kogyou" form. In this Beast God mode, it's very easy to spot a Gundam hiding beneath all those tiger parts, which isn't too bad per say, just a little awkward in the overall appearance.

A very fun BB Senshi Sangokuden model kit this is. ^^ It's probably the most unique one I assembled and reviewed in quite a while due to the many configurations possible with it. For the price of 1,200 Yen (exclusive of tax), it's a tremendous model kit. ^^

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