Friday, August 24, 2012

Revoltech Protect Gear the Red Spectacles Edition Part 3

Standard design minus usual part adjustment convenience

A look at Revoltech Protect Gear's articulation design and gimmicks after the previous posting. ^^

As the entire head is designed to incorporate the neck as well, the joint is located at the base of the neck. This makes the head's vertical tilt rather restricted. ^^;

Horizontal tilt can be done very easily.

Side-to-side and even forward/backward (not shown here) bends are enabled by a Revoltech joint (based on the clicking sound when the joint is bent ^^) inside the chest.

Both shoulder armors and their joints are made of soft plastic, allowing the former to be tilted upward very easily.

Standard articulation range for the shoulders and elbows.

Shown in the previous posting, the wrist joint is just a peg that allows the hand unit to rotate on it.

No Revoltech joint is used for the thigh and hip.

The thigh is on a swivel joint that allows the leg to be bent inward and outward.

The hip consists of another swivel joint that allows the leg to be lifted frontward (only, no backward bend).

Standard knee articulation enabled by a Revoltech joint.

Standard ankle articulation enabled by a Revoltech joint.

Despite just standard design for the lower body, the Watchdog of Hell can be shown in a nice kneeling position nonetheless.

The overall articulation design is just standard I would say. There are a few special designs that separate this figure from the rest. The hose that runs from the shoulder to the forearm makes it impossible to separate the latter from the entire arm if you want to adjust the elbow joint. I did that on many occasions on my other Revoltech when returning the bent elbow joint to the front. It's a lot easier than having to rotate the joint on the forearm. ^^; With Protect Gear, that convenience is no more because of the hose.

While that particular convenience is just something extra, the difficulty in swapping hand units to the wrist joint makes the inseparable forearm looks more like a troublesome feature unfortunately. ^^; It's hard to fit the hand units to the wrist peg; it's even harder doing so with the entire figure inseparable from the joint because of the shoulder hose. ^^;

Speaking of hose, there's one that connects the gas mask to the chest as well, but that hose doesn't really restrict the head's movement, most probably because the head's movement is not that flexible to begin with. ^^;

On the other hand, I do like how the lower hem of the body suit is molded together with the hip. When the leg is bent to the front, the hem moves with the thigh. ^^ I imagine if the lower hem was made to be of a separate soft plastic layer, the look might be more realistic, but the thigh's movement might become restricted. ^^; Even without another separated layer for the lower hem, the split between the lower hem and the hip is not as obvious (and unnatural-looking I should add ^^;) as that on Revoltech Nicholas D. Wolfwood. This could be due partially to the additional crotch armor on Protect Gear that helps to "distract" the view so that the split isn't focused on too much. ^^ That's something Revoltech Nicholas D. Wolfwood doesn't have.

Some action poses of Revoltech Protect Gear after the introduction on its articulation design:

Anti-gravitational ammo belt XD

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.
I prefer not to equip it to MG34 because of its inflexibility. ^^ Even the figure's images on the back of its box didn't seem to care about the belt actually. ^^;

More action poses from this action figure coming up in the next posting, which will be the last one for this review series. ^^

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