Saturday, August 4, 2012

Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Starscream Part 2

Sleek but not so slim

More images of Transformers Prime's Deluxe Class Starscream in jet mode after the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type:

(Left) Total length of the jet is about 15cm.
(Right) Total wingspan width is about 13cm.

I like this jet mode of Starscream. From top, the jet looks slim and very sleek. The look is perfect to project attributes of speed and even elusiveness of Starscream when he's not in robot mode. Before Megatron appears and starts leading the Decepticons, Starscream was the one running the show. I can't remember anything that is really related to speed or elusiveness on Starscream, just pure evil (like Woody with his "special" option face part). He killed Cliffjumper, who was voiced by Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock") right in the pilot episode of the series. That was really amazing. XD

Anyway, if you look straight at the jet's top view, none of the components beneath the body is poking out from the side. ^^ Those components transform into the entire body of the robot mode. For that, I appreciate how the designer of this figure tried to squeeze all of Starscream's body component onto the jet's body (only), while making at least its top view to be somewhat slim in appearance at the same time.

From the side and bottom, it's apparent that the jet is carrying quite a bit of luggage beneath the body. ^^;

Total height of the jet is about 3cm. It's a bit shorter at the main body level, but the overall bottom-heaviness is quite obvious to see. ^^;

There's little that can be done about that design in my opinion. The designer could spread out the body components so that they become certain parts beneath the wings, or extended attachments on the tail, which would distort the overall look in my opinion. I like how the two wings of Starscream are single-piece parts with very minimal attachments. They look great when folded up in robot mode. Keeping to that advantage, plus other design points for transformation, I think this jet mode is a very good design. ^^

I really like the color scheme as well. Gray of different shades are good color combination for this character in both modes. Actually gray is a good color for mecha in general I think. It's just a neat color scheme that doesn't show the character to be overly "fake" or too cartoon-ish due to their flashy colors. ^^; I'm glad that Transformer Prime's Starscream wasn't shown to be in red, blue and white to pay homage to his G1 design. You could say that Michael Bay's Transformers movies also showed Starscream without his G1 color scheme, but that live-action incarnation is limited by real world design elements. If the United States' Air Force has some of their F-22 Raptors painted in red, blue and white, I'm sure we'll get Starscream in his classic colors appearing in those three movies. XD Obviously we didn't. I'm happy that for this cartoon series, Starscream gets a new and more realistic-looking color as a fighter jet, which is then transferred onto his figure. ^^

In that sense, I'm glad that Arcee is redesigned to be in blue not pink for her reincarnation in "Transformers: Prime" as well. ^^

Apart from look, the design of the jet mode is very sturdy. All the parts are connected to each other very securely. ^^

Only one tab locks each wing to the main body, but the jet can be held using just the tip of the wing. ^^

I love Transformers figures that are sturdy in all form they transform into. That's an indication that considerations were given to all the forms to be equally good. ^^ This version of Starscream is definitely on the good tier for me. ^^

A look at the transformation design in the next posting. ^^

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