Thursday, August 30, 2012

Figma Kamen Rider Axe Part 2

Ax and claws

After the introduction yesterday, this posting will focus on the many option parts included in this Figma set and more images of Kamen Rider Axe to examine its details.

All of Figma Kamen Rider Axe's accessories.

Battle ax: Dest Visor.

Very simple-looking in design, but all the colors are very accurately painted. ^^

Final Vent card, which is exactly the same as the one included for Figma Kamen Rider Thrust, except the printed image of course.

The highlight in Kamen Rider Axe's armament list: his Strike Vent weapon - a pair of Dest Claw battle gauntlets.

Not particularly impressive in terms of overall design - just accurate to its show design I suppose, but the sharp claws with their shiny silver paint work are very nice to see. ^^

The small clear joint attached to the extra forearm behind the battle gauntlets must be detached before the weapon could be used.

While it's indeed a part with no real application to the figure itself, I think I'll keep the clear joint as it seems like it might come in handy as a replacement for broken or extra ball-type joint on other figures or model kits in the future. ^^

The wrist connecting to the gauntlet is movable, allowing the weapon to be adjusted and shown in a wide range of display angles when it's equipped to the figure's arm.

Impressively, each claw on the gauntlet is individually movable via ball-type joint. The range of movement is very limited though, as the joints are restricted by those tiny "compartments" they are sitting in on the part. ^^;

The claws can be shown expanded or retracted for slash and thrust poses. ^^

A set of eight option hand units.
Except the silver paint on the back, all the hand units are the same as those included for Figma Kamen Rider Thrust.

(Left) The more expressive spread palms
(Right) The less expressive spread palms (XD)

A pair of open fists that can be used to hold Dest Visor.

The special right hand unit to hold the Final Vent card.

The "other" left open fist that can be used to hold Dest Visor.

The said left open fist equipped to Dest Visor's handle.

The minor design difference between the two types of open fists.

The default pair of closed fists.

More images of Figma Kamen Rider Axe:


Closeups on the details:






Reserving my overall comments till the last posting, introduction of the figure's articulation design and the first round of action poses will be featured next. ^^

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