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RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke Ver. 2

Ver. Endless on my blog

The random mood swing of my reviews on this blog strikes again! ^^ From MG Gelgoog Ver. 2.0 to Lego Technic No. 9392 Quad Bike, and now to a large fixed figurine. ^^

This is Robot Anime Hero and Heroines (RAH) DX Lunamaria Hawke Ver. 2 from Megahouse. ^^ The scale isn't explicitly mentioned anywhere on the box, but following the other RAH DX figurine releases, it should be 1/8 as well.

Released in October 2005, it's labelled Ver. 2 because there was an earlier release in the same series that came out in February of that year, and no, it's actually not the one I reviewed a few months back. That version was released in May 2006, so technically, it would be Ver. 3. I don't Megahouse bothered about the exact numbering anyway. It's a lot easier to recognize the figurines as "Lunamaria in ZAFT uniform", "Lunamaria with a removed uniform" and "Lunamaria in pilot suit". ^^ That's how I differentiate between the different versions. ^^

Then again, on this blog, with all the different gashapons lumped into the picture, this is Ver. Endless/Countless/Is it done yet? of figurines of Lunamaria in my collection. XD I just like this character very much. ^o^ Most versions of figurines showed Lunamaria in her ZAFT uniform or pilot suit, even that funny T-shirt she wore while spying on Athrun in the anime series received some attention from figurine producers and a few gashapon and figurines were made based on that image. This image featuring the character and her removed ZAFT uniform is very interesting and more attractive (to me ^^) than the casual wear version, or even the ZAFT uniform or pilot suit versions which have been her standard image. ^^

Like the one reviewed in March this year, I got it brand new from a local online forum member who let it go at a very low price. For the size, details and the character herself, I couldn't let this bargain slip, and that was how she ended up becoming the nth figurine of Lunamaria in my collection. ^^

Front view of the box.

(Left) The merchandise seal of "Gundam SEED Destiny".
(Right) Names of this figurine line and the character.

The figurine can be seen very clearly through the front window.

Left side view of the box.

The three characters to be released in this series.
Of course we know the entire series included even more characters in various different versions. ^^

Right side view of the box.

Top view of the box.

Images of the three figurines in this series are shown on the back of the box. ^^

Of the three, Meer was the most popular one I think. ^^ I remember seeing quite a few reviews on this figurine years ago.

Like the previous RAH DX Lunamaria, the unsealed bottoms flaps allow me to pull the container out from the bottom of the box. ^^

The backdrop for the figurine can be removed from the box.

A very simple backdrop with different shades of red as it colors.

Manufacturer's serial code inside the box.

More images of RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke Ver. 2 behind her container: ^^

Closeups on the details:

It's probably very unclear in the images above, but the display base the figurine is standing on has a molded silhouette of Gunner Zaku Warrior on it, which is really cool. ^^

Comparison with RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke "Ver. 3": ^^

Front view.

Left side view.

Right side view.

Rear view.

Like all the other figurine versions of Lunamaria, I like this one very much, with really goes without saying I guess. I like her in that pink miniskirt, and I kind of feel that the skirt actually goes better with this teal undershirt as compared to the standard ZAFT uniform she's more commonly portrayed in. I'm not sure why Lunamaria is allowed to wear a miniskirt to pair with her formal ZAFT uniform, when no other female ZAFT officer wear like that (not that I would complain about that though, not once XD). It's not very clear why she chose to wear like that either, because when she was shown in her casual wear, she wore long pants instead of say, another miniskirt (not that I'm complaining about that either, not even once XD). It's all for the convenience of merchandising no doubt, and there sure were many different versions of Lunamaria released in different series and formats, and I welcome that very much. ^^

In smaller gashapon format next time, but more Lunamarias are going to be reviewed on this blog in the future. ^^

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