Monday, October 22, 2012

My Older Gunpla Collection Part 4

(In Jigsaw's voice) I want to play a game...

A little random but fun trivial posting I'm throwing in amidst all the "regular" reviews on this blog. ^^ It's something that struck my mind when I was messing around with some of my older Gunplas, and I thought why not put it out here as a special posting, so here it is. ^^

How many of these Gunpla weapon parts do you recognize? ^^














No prizes for any winner, as the answer is right here (highlight to see): [Start] *A - Beam parts for 1/100 Chaos Gundam's claws, *B - Beam saber of MG ReGZ, *C - Beam cloth for MG Master Gundam, *D - Beam saber of MG S Gundam/Ex-S Gundam/Z Plus, *E - Beam Tomahawk of MG Sazabi, *F - beam saber of MG Kampfer (two on the left) and beam sword/saber of HGUC The O, *G - beam saber of MG GP02A, *H - Magazine for PG Gundam Mk. II's Hyper Bazooka, *I - Beam saber of HG 1/144 Hydra Gundam, *J - Beam bazooka of BB Senshi Char's Zaku II, *K - Beam saber of HGUC Zaku III, *L - Beam cannon of HG 1/144 Serpent, *M - Beam lance of HG 1/144 Gundam Griepe [End]


Gugu said...

Wow. That was hard! I can't recognize all the weapons hahaha. Great post ngee! Great collection

Greggy Bada said...

Lets see...

A- ???
B- Re-GZ
C- Devil Gundam
D- Delta Plus
E- Sazabi?
F- ???
G- ???
I- ???
J- SD Rick Dom
K- ???
L- Serpent/Tallgeese?
M- ???