Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 1/6 Mark II Get

Make it double

After getting Classic Predator in early February, another much anticipated pre-ordered Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale action figure from Hot Toys just arrived. ^^

This is Mark II (Armor Unleashed Ver.) from "Iron Man 2". ^^

Among the different Iron Man armor suits (excluding War Machine which to me is a totally different unit), I always like Mark II the best. ^^ This "unpainted" platinum-colored version is the best depiction of the metallic quality of Iron Man armors in my opinion - the finalized painted version is just too flashy to me. ^^;

I didn't get the first Mark II released by Hot Toys back in 2009 due to personal budget, but I did't want to pay the high prices set by the sellers on auction sites or forums who are letting go of that figure soon after as well. Therefore, it was certainly great to see Hot Toys releasing with another Mark II for folks who missed the first one like me. ^^ Besides the general appearance, the designs are all different between the two versions, which I take as a good thing, because this Armor Unleashed Ver. has a much closer resemblance with War Machine (its "upgraded" form) than the above mentioned 2009 version.

While posability is no-problem for this Mark II, its real deal is the ability to have most of its armor parts removed to reveal the mechanical details beneath, much like that one scene from "Iron Man 2" where the suit was dismantled at the army base. Between posability and the design details of Hot Toys' action figures, the latter is always unbelievably impressive to me. ^^ With a feature that used to be just for extra attraction on other releases to be the main focus for this version of Mark II, it was a sure-buy for me the moment it was first announced. ^^ And I did. The pre-order was made the moment the item was made available, but the wait is finally over now. ^^

Speaking of waiting, the smaller Sci-fi Revoltech version of Mark II has just recently landed as well. ^^

Couldn't resist the temptation of playing with it - even when the plastic wrappers were yet to be removed from the forearms. ^^ It has certainly been quite a while since I last heard the sound of Revoltech joints clicking. ^^

Two "Iron Man 2" Mark IIs. XD

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