Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 2

Simplicity is complicated

Was pretty convinced of my plan beforehand, but looking at the comments in Part 1 (thanks very much for all the useful input ^^), I started to think again, but in the end, I decided to just move on with the original plan.

The reason for me to be so stubborn (^^;) is because of the original design of Unicorn Gundam I saw when it was initially announced:

One of the very few MSs with the most complicated transformation gimmick, but with the most simplistic exterior design (Unicorn Mode).

So, the three major questions I asked myself regarding the work on this MG:
- Panel-line or no panel-line for the armor?
- Marking or no marking?
- Panel-line or no panel-line for the psycho frame?

I ended up with no for each of them, which is kind-of surprising for me as well, because that would mean that the work is going to be extremely easy (theoretically) as well.

Firstly, for the armor pieces linked to the transformation, the gap between them are very obvious, and obviously, they require no panel-lining at all (not exactly workable anyway). For parts not linked to the transformation on the other hand, most visibly the shoulder armors and upper arms, the "panel-lines" between the parts are very subtly shown.

I was pondering on why it was done so in the illustration and I realized that the designer wanted to distinguish between transformable and non-transformable parts to the audience, when we were unaware that the gimmick is there.

So, no panel-line at all for all the armor pieces. Let the gaps between transformable parts define themselves, while letting the lines between the non-transformable parts remain subtle by not panel-lining them at all. To prevent them from looking like gaps, that's another way to see it I suppose.

No marking, a very natural choice for me I suppose, since I wanted to keep to the original design of Unicorn Gundam which has no marking at all. But on top of that, I'm even more concerned about damaging any of those decals and clear stickers, be it during applying them, or during the transformation process.

No panel-line for the Psycho Frame as well. The Psycho Frame is like ruby encapsulated in the body of Unicorn Gundam in my perception. Ruby itself doesn't emit light like the Psycho Frame, but it does look different when viewed from different angles - how light bounces off its surface. This characteristic can be seen on the two ABS runners for the Psycho Frame. At first glance, they seem to be in bright pink. When you look closer, it's actually red. I bet it's going to look different when there are parts behind and around it in the complete model.

Anyway, the reason I decided not to panel-line the Psycho Frame is so that nothing extra would "steal" the show of those parts. It's better to let the Psycho Frame shows off its different shades of red when viewed from different angles, rather than to have extra lines and colors to complicate it I believe.

Also, I can't imagine having to panel-line the Psycho Frame as well when it's already pretty hard for my eyes to look at those two runners, ^^; With that said, those who are wondering why there was not a single Psycho Frame part in the intro yesterday now know why I suppose. ^^ None of them has been cut out from runners yet. I will focus of them in one go later.

For the V-Fin, it'll be yellow with no panel-line on the details. A very obvious decision when I decided to go for the original look. The yellow V-Fin would stand out well against the white armor and red Psycho Frame of the complete model, which is the primary reason for it to be given such a color in the first place I believe.

With all those considerations out of the picture, time to start working on the model. A significant number of parts are going to be "as they are", but there are a lot others that do require panel-lining and a bit of painting. Almost all the parts that are neither white nor red fall under this category.

I get to work a bit of my own painting preference on some of them as well. As long as they won't alter the original feel, I'm OK to give them a go.

Two of such treatments are shown in this review.

Lego-style magazine clips for the Beam Magnum. ^^

Panel-lined all the connectors on top of the 16 clips. In a much simpler manner, I could have just done that for the one sitting on top of the three 5-clip stacks, but since they can be stacked at will (just like Lego bricks XD), I didn't want to place a limitation on which has to be on top of the stack all the time.

Painted gray (from Gundam Marker SEED Basic) for the end of the rockets protruding from the bazooka's magazine to separate them from the casing. The initial plan was red actually, following the example of Nu Gundam's Hyper Bazooka, but then it would seem too outstanding for me, especially in Unicorn Mode when there is no red part on the Gundam itself. So gray they are.

Done with the work on the two weapons ^^

Painted gold (from Gundam Marker BB Senshi Sangokuden) for the interior of the thrusters. These four are for the backpack, but the other four for the rear skirt armors and legs are going to be painted like this as well, since all of them are identical.

Unicorn Gundam only has these eight rocket thrusters, at least these are the ones included for the model. Being small, I wanted something a bit different to allow them to look more powerful. I never tried gold for thrusters before, so in the color is. ^^

Done with the backpack, as well as the left leg ^^

Way faster than MG Destiny this time XD


Anonymous said...

i painted my thrusters silver with red on the inside ^^


cabellism said...

this is going to be alot faster then mg destiny. im still in shock that there is no poly-caps tho. but i think you chose a wise choice letting it go, plain and dandy. i personaly would too. wellmaybe a bit of marking and paneling too. but hey to each is to there own.

Chris said...

I do admit the psychoframes are painful to see without the white armours covering it. Come to think of it, they are both bright wonder there's a Banshee colour scheme to accentuate and place more contrast between the armour and psychoframes.

Haha...I guess from your perspective, it's indeed wise to exclude the markings because they would also look out of place in Unicorn mode. Let the white be white and Psychoframes to stand out in the other mode.

G.G. said...

I got some flourescent Red paints yesterday after I read the custom building instructions for MG Unicorn from the latest Dengeki magazine.

I haven't start building the unicorn yet, due to my current project. But out of curiosity I painted a clear pla-plate with the Flo-red, and it look fabulous for the frame part. And it looks even better with brown panel lines.

Personally I would choose to use an airbrush, but you can just use a brush to handpaint it on since the frames are rather small.

Anyway, just my 2 cents.

Martin said...

I built mine - but it's in Unicorn mode. No detailing... and Gattling Guns...

Will watch your review with interest though - I have a SECOND kit (and Shinanju) to build...

BTW - PG 00 Gundam - WOAW, but will it come with Raiser, that would be very, very special!

G.G. said...

Martin: A few gundam bloggers have a online group build project for the sinanju. If interested, come join us here:

Peter said...

That's what i did with the thrusters too like what AstrayPO3 did.

Except i did them all red. More to match with the normal mode.

Plain white gundam seems awesome.
Wonder how the titanium version will look like.

Martin said...


Will look in once I start building - but it's gonna be a straight build - with very few paint adds or mods...