Monday, July 13, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 1

Think, think, and think again

The next review after MG Destiny will be on another super-overdue MG of mine - Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka ^^;

It's so overdue that his arch-rival Sinanju is an old news, the almost-complete transformation isn't new anymore, with so much hype about it all this while, and the HGUC line for Gundam UC is coming soon ^^;

I got this Gunpla not long after Destiny, which is why I put him as the next work in line. I could still remember the backlog for these two because there weren't many items on my list back then, em, two years back. ^^;

Anyway, I had plenty of thoughts on the model all this while. As compared to Sinanju, Unicorn Gundam has a lot of flexibility when it comes to the model kit itself. I have seen many fans modified the model to give its psycho frame a different color - green, blue and metallic red.

Also, it's already a beauty if you manage to apply all the clear stickers and decals given, but without any marking, some panel-lines on the armors seem to be quite enough nonetheless.

There are a lot of ways for one to work on this model is the conclusion.

For me, I was thinking about this and that for Unicorn Gundam, and I never really want to start on anything before I could figure everything out first. Some of the questions I asked myself over and over again about the work:

(1) Panel-line or no panel-line for the armor?

(2) (from 1) If yes, what color? - black (regular), gray (more subtle color so that the lines won't compete with the color of the psycho frame), red (same color as the psycho frame), pink (to be extra noticeable when the armors open), or none at all.

(3) Marking or no marking?

(4) Panel-line the psycho frame or not?

(5) (from 5) If yes, what color? Pink (to be noticeable against the darker red of the psycho frame) or none at all.

(6) What color to be painted for the V-fin? - yellow or gold?

I've made up my mind at this point, so ya, I've answered all the questions listed above. But if you're considering to work on this model as well, maybe you could ask yourself all those questions to get some idea on how to proceed.

All PS and ABS runners for Unicorn Ver. Ka - no polycap at all. The much bigger Sinanju has the same feature of using no polycap as well ^^

The psycho frame can be a bit painful for the eyes to look at under bright light, or is it just me ^^;

Painting required for the V-fin in NT-D mode. Foil sticker is definitely out for me. ^^
Also, from the design of this particular component on the runner, one can "safely" predict that there will be variation (Banshee) of this MG in the future ^^

15 + 1 magazines for the Beam Magnum. 5 clips x 3 stacks, leaving one extra clip from the runner.

MG Ver. Ka's signature clear pink beam sabers.

Abundant of markings, another signature feature of MG Ver. Ka. It's great to see that the decal sheet has black lines around identical ones to separate them, but the very small design of the clear sticker sheet can be extremely hard to see if you want to cut each one out accurately ^^;

All the parts freshly cut out from their runners, awaiting the cleanup stage.

Will tell you my plan for this MG in the next review. ^^


Busterbeam said...

here we go again! but i do like your process and how you organize the parts.

G.G. said...

This is one of my way overdue kit too.

May I humbly suggest that you consider painting the exterior of this kit? Since is just simply all white, perhaps is the easiest to get this done by using a spray can of Tamiya White color. A coat of paint on a kit really makes a world of difference to a kit.

I look forward to your progress.

GunStray said...

Lol whats with people suddenly with Unicorns popping out of nowhere.

athrun said...

don't paint the v-fin gold or yellow since the gundam is white,red,drak gray,(yellow/gold???) panel line the vin with red so the v-fin is okay-okay and it will be the same with the gundam thust me the red will be the best but it's not my kit so it's your chose...

Anonymous said...

I've been on the fence about this for the longest. I certainly don't wanna rush out and buy this only to discover that the kit is more work than I can handle. Looking forward to this review, no matter how long it takes!

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

I agree with Gunstray on his part :S

I'm still trying to find time to complete mine XD

Tsukinari said...

wow.. finally started eh.. im still havent touched my Unicorn.. bought it like... 2 months ago lolz, the box already got dents here and there due keep moving the box around..

the unicorn's v-fins need to be yellow/gold since its offical color for it right? unless NK wants to make some different :P

damn.. i need to find more time to build gunpla.. OT sux!!!

*rolls out*

Chris said...

Wow....this comes unexpected....

However, this is a nice surprise. This build will be very interesting.
Haha, though yours may be overdue, mine will be the worst. Probably gonna do mine long after
next year's Unicorn movie is out.

I think all the questions can be answered if we plan to put it in either Unicorn or Destroy mode.

One thing I must praise you that you cut out all the parts first. I wouldn't dare do such a thing for fear of confusing myself. XD (But I don't see the Psychoframes? XP)

Zircor said...

The best looking Unicorn I've seen had the panel lines on the V-Fin done in red, and the rest of it left white; the psychoframe parts done in clear red (as well as beam sabers) and of course all the decals put on (what a pain that must have been). That's how I'm planning on doing mine I think, with maybe the addition of painting the underside of the white armor parts a dark color like black or german grey or something, to help the light focusing through the frame. I'm afraid I don't have the balls to do any of the leg mods, though :D

Chris said...

@Zircor: Are you referring to Z (Fudoushin)'s Unicorn?

Anonymous said...

@Z obviously... who else? lol
@zircor agreed. thats one of the best i've seen


cabellism said...

this looks to be a promising review of uni. hmmm this kit doesn't have any poly-caps??? strange indeed

Anonymous said...

I think this Gundam Unicorn Magazine will assist you greatly in tips and tricks to apply onto your mg unicorn. =D