Thursday, July 30, 2009

Figma Takara Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver.

"Absorption? Naruhodo"

As anticipated after the announcement of Konata Izumi Summer Fuku Ver. not too long ago.

Max Factory's Figma Takara Miyuki in Summer Fuku will be released in September at 2,500 Yen (inclusive of tax). ^^

Apart from her new fuku and face expression, it seems she has a new type of elbow design as well (as compared to the winter fuku version). A figure of Nyamo is included as well.

Also included is the head part of Minami Iwasaki, which is compatible with Figma Miyuki Winter Fuku Ver. A much more "accurate" package than Konata Izumi Summer Fuku Ver. + head part of Yutaka Kobayakawa, since Minami is just as tall as Miyuki.

Then again, another part isn't that accurate :3

Most definitely going to be my second Figma XD

Tsukasa Hiiragi + head part of Hiyori Tamura has been announced as well, leaving Kagami Hiiragi with Patricia Martin?

I wonder how will Kagami's two other friends, Ayano Minegishi and Misao Kusakabe are going to be released then ^^

Images from Amiami.


Chris said...

Well, well, isn't this a coincidence or what? I just read about this on the Good Smile Company site too.^^

Hmm? I thought Konata and Yutaka is also accurate? Because they're both short.
lol Yeah, Iwasaki would finally achieved her dream if she gets Miyuki's body. XD

The last 2 background characters, huh? I was thinking Kagami with Misao but I guess you had a point there by pairing Kagami and Patricia. Either way, 4 more Figmas for me (since I didn't get the earlier winter version)!

Chris said...

lol My prediction was right! Kagami comes with Misao, probably because she's more popular than Patricia? ^^