Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 5

With lipstick

The head is the component of this MG that requires the most painting. ^^

Well, actually it's just those three V-Fins and horn on his head that deserve the honor XD

Another part painted (panel-lined actually) is the mask. I painted the air vent on that part red, even though the more conventional color is black/dark gray as according to the manual. I didn't wanted it to be in black since I'm not using that color for any of the white parts. Red seems like a good color to me, as there's a piece of Psycho Frame behind the mask. I'm thinking that maybe the color to be seen from the air vents is red, shining from the Psycho Frame behind them on the mask, instead of black.

Yellow for the interior surface of the transformable V-Fin.
Very easy as it is, a lot of time was spent shaking the Gundam Marker and trying it out to get the best color.

When the paint for the V-Fin had dried, gray goes in for the base of the V-Fin, same goes for the horn.

Done with the few tiny parts. ^^

The tool used to panel-line the air vents on the mask is just a normal red gel ink pen. Draw on the lines, and wipe the excess ink clean after that. The ink left in those slits becomes the red air vents. That's all. ^^

Shiny red Psycho Frame will be in Part 6 ^^


Anonymous said...

Your yellow came out very nicely. Always amaze at how you managed to get such good results with your gundam markers! especially on large surfaces.

Jiro said...

wont gel ink come out?how do you keep it on without smudge it

Chris said...

Bright pretty yellow! Looks nice. ^^

I thought you meant using lipstick to paint at first. lol
I see...the "transformable" V-fin really does not do a good job as a horn as rumoured. No wonder an extra one is included. XD

Anonymous said...

Why didn't I think of using red...... *Goes and paint it psycho frame red*