Friday, July 31, 2009

July Loot

A Wall of Exia!

My favorite trio of Gunplas for July ^^

MG Exia, HG 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. G30th, and BB Senshi Sangokuden Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam ^^

New type of multicolor material for the GN Stripe, clear green panels with molded text inside them, new design of the manual, plus the box art straight-out-of-the-box awesome points of this MG. ^^

Love the new HG Gundam RX-78-2 for its details and intrinsic value (Gundam 30th Anniversary); love Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam for its gimmicks and clear green parts. ^^

With the arrival of MG Exia, there's this unstoppable urge to take this photo:

A wall of 7 Exias & 1 Astraea

A comparison of the GN Sword:

MG Exia's GN Sword is actually shorter and broader (fatter) than the 1/100 scale version.

Didn't expect that at all. I was hoping MG Exia would have a longer, slimmer and sharper GN Sword following the fashion of its GN Long and Short Blades. ^^;

Anyway, seeing that silver is molded for the GN Sword, I'm more determined to paint the GN Swords left from my All Exia Project now. The sequel to that project is definitely coming. ^^


Chris said... got your MG Exia already? That was fast!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice grab on Exia.

Can you assemble and review Koumei Nu Gundam first? Pretty please~

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get the MG Exia Ignition mode?hehe..

CD said...

Wow, you got your MG Exia so fast! I'm so envious. DX

Can't wait to see when you finished your "All Exia Project". =)

yunamon said...

Why didn't you get the Ignition Mode?

jimz said...

why didn't you buy MG Exia Ignition Mode compared to MG Exia??

HeatPhoenix said...

I ordered HG G 30th aswell, too bad you cant get the limited online, but then it wouldnt be as limited I guess!

Martin said...

Was going to ask - I got my Ignition Exia on Thursday - why the ordinary version?

Ngee Khiong said...

I don't really like Exia Repair, part swapping between the two modes, as well as the lighting gimmick. So, cutting off those three features, might as well just get the regular version XD

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said... already got yours....mine will be in the next year...

Q said...

Hehehe Exia Fanboy spotted XD - you surely got yours quick this time~

Any-Key said...

I built my Exia Ignition as 'repair' - and I don't think that I'll ever change it to regular Exia - I would prefer to get an additional regular Exia and give it those coated blades instead.
Although I have to say, the Exia Repair was the sole reason for me to get the Ignition mode - LED's look nice, but nothing you can't soilder yourself - I'm currently trying to built a Light-Up Exia Head (inkl. Repair Eye) - but the Exia's head's interior is, somehow, smaller as expected - compared to the Gundam MKII 2.0
BTW.: Since you got an Astraea as well as the Avalanche Exia - you can try to, instead of just building and panellining the kit, to modify the MG Exia into a MG avalanche exia or MG Astraea conversion - like in the current Hobby Japan und Dengeki Hobby magazines.
I would like to try that, but sadly, I neither have one of those (the only 1/100 scale Gundam 00 Kit's I have is 00-Raiser, Tieren and the MG Exia RE (and everything glows,.... but not as much as it could (Now glowing Heads,... yet!)).

Anonymous said...

Hi,i also got the exia not long ago and i need the decal urgently,do u know where i can get it online or in wingapore?pls email me at alot

Anonymous said...

That's alot of Exias, haha, but Prime92 has more