Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MG Destiny Part 17

All weapons roll out

The anti-ship sword, beam launcher, beam saber/boomerang and option hand units in the review.

Assembling the launcher first, which gave me quite a bit of trouble when I first worked on it. ^^;

Foil sticker is only given for the main targeting sensor on top. The smaller one beneath is painted using metallic green art pen (see this previous posting for more information).

Linked movement of the targeting sensor and handle - works fine now, but this part still gave me the fright when I tried it out X_X

The red triangles on either side of the launcher's body are from foil stickers.

Red and gold painted for the nozzle to give this weapon a little more details, and to make it look a little more dangerous, else it's just too small. ^^;

The anti-ship sword is next.

The two triangles on the body are from foil stickers included as well.

The handle, extension, and edge of the whole sword.

Both weapons are extremely long, in storage mode as well.

Assembling the beam saber/boomerang, palm cannon and option right hand to hold the anti-ship sword.

It would be much better if a left hand unit is included for holding the huge sword, for even wider options of action poses featuring the sword.

Also, the option right hand is just for the sword, and doesn't fit the beam saber/boomerang.

Done with all the wings and weapons, time to split the inner frame ...

... to armor up Destiny ^^

Till next review.


GunStray said...

One thing I found distubing was how fragile the opening mechanism for Destinys Beam Launcher,I actually snapped one of the hooks.

Stefan said...

Nice work, can't wait for the final fitting.

Master Luke said...

You paint everything except for what is the most important, the armors.

I like all you detailing work, but the contrast between your painted parts with the overall unpainted covers, it just looks incomplete.