Friday, July 24, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 4

Thank goodness it's UC

Work on the pilot figures and cockpit this time. And as compared to MG Destiny, both the figures and cockpit are so much more relaxing to do for me. ^^

With reference to the pilot suits (called Normal Suit) used in the Universal Century, I just outline the pattern on them, and done. ^^

The way to do it is the same as discussed for MG Destiny - paint the whole figure using panel-liner and then wipe all the excess paint clean using a piece of tissue, cotton swap and toothpick. The black ink from the panel-liner will stay in the intended lines and done. Since the suit is all white, I get to skip the painting part for the suit, which saved me from a lot of troubles. XD

Painted the visor black. Green and light blue are good alternatives as well.

Normal Suit may be a bit boring as compared to rather stylish ones as seen in SEED/Destiny and the latest Gundam Double O, but they are definitely way easier to work with when it comes to Gunplas. ^^

Also, a bit of add-on for the cockpit - adding in the computer screens.

Very much the same thing I did for HG 1/144 Tieren Ground Type.

Three panels of screens to be added.

Taking measurements for each of them, more like estimates actually, since they are of such tiny size. ^^; The colors I chose are green x2, and silver x1.

All the stickers required can be obtained from the foil sticker sheet included. Tweezers and sharp knife are very important tools here. ^^

Done with both the figures and cockpit. ^^

Panel-lined all the parts for the body's inner frame as well.

Next review will be on the component that requires the most painting. Almost too simple to guess eh? ^^


Chris said...

Ohh~adding screens again? Your works are so detailed!^^

Next component has the most detail.... easy to guess? I wanted to say the psychoframes but.... you said you're not goint to paint them.

So...the V-fin perhaps?

Mack said...

LOL you really f***** up that poor pilot. If you want to do detailing right, better use enamel paint to handpaint the pilot.

The sticker for the cockpit screens looks alright, but why bother when once you put it inside the unicorn, you won't be able to see them anymore.

Anonymous said...

You should use the toothpick to position the foil stickers, then flatten it using a cotton bud, so there won't be any scratches on the foil sticker.

G.G. said...

Usually I just focus on painting all the parts exterior of my kits.

Yes, I agree that working on the interior is kinda wasted, but I've noticed each builder enjoys bulding their kit their own way. And that enjoyment is really whats count.

claquesous said...

the transforming parts on my unicorn are too tight, so it just sits there half transformed. don't feel like going back to loosen things up b/c some connectors i feel are too fragile to mess with at this point. any plans to improve the transformability of yours prior to assembly?