Monday, March 8, 2010

BB Senshi Exia Part 4

Bringing in the other colors

Back to a little bit of Gunpla. ^^

Finished with all the parts to be painted in gray in the last review, other colors can now come in to lighten the model up more ^^

Head - Light blue from Gundam Marker SEED Destiny Vol. 1 set for paint the GN Stripes. As the marker has a sharp tip (see this previous posting for the details), painting in between the valleys is not too hard at all. ^^

Some spilled over paint is unavoidable as usual, but cleaning up the painting on either the gray painted part, or the white helmet is significantly easier than having to clean up any gray spilled over paint on an already painted GN Stripe, if the sequence of which color goes in first is reversed.

For light blue spilled onto the gray part, Since the color is light, there's no need for extra trouble of scratching it off using a knife. I just covered it up with a little bit of gray paint using a toothpick. ^^

Then, panel-line again to reinforce the border between the painted areas.

Yellow vernier on the sideburns - painted with Gundam Marker Yellow, and then clean up plus panel-lining. Some bits of yellow is left at the edge in the second image, but I'm not eager to scratch that off at this moment, not until I'm confident that the black line has dried. having the black ink spilled over onto a freshly painted yellow part is going to ruin the whole thing ^^;

Eye area - Painted a bit of black around the eye area as with most of my other Gundam-type models, so that there won't be any base color showing around the edge of the foil sticker for the eyes when that is being applied.

V-Fin - Painted black around the sensor in the middle of the forehead so that it would create an outline of that part when it's being inserted into the helmet, as shown in the second image above.

Others - black below the forehead area, to create extra depth for the eyes. Also, panel-lining on the back of the helmet.

And all painting and panel-lining is done for the head. ^^ Just a bit more cleaning up is needed for the yellow vernier area as shown at the beginning.

Secondary V-Fin on the chest - to be painted in yellow.

All the parts to be painted in white - White is the second most color needed for BB Senshi Exia. All the parts shown here require a fair share of white to be painted on them. The base color being blue or gray, a few layers of white are required to cover up the base color I think ^^;

First layer going in to conclude this review:

As the first layer drying up, the base color is still very much visible. ^^;

I'm leaving the handles of the GN Short and Long Blades in just a single layer of white paint though. Extra layers will increase the size of the handles, which will be scratched off every time they are being inserted into Exia's hands.

For that reason as well, I don't think I'm going to panel-line the handles as well, to avoid the black lines from becoming a mess on and off Exia's hands.

More layers of white to come in after this, I'll be showing you the result in the next review.

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