Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MSIA Exia Part 6

Wait, what's the scale again?

A few more images featuring MSIA Gundam Exia in action (would sound really funny if 'MSIA' is expanded XD), with the help of Action Display Base 2 this time for better poses.

The clip-on type connector is used to mount the figure onto Action Display Base 2. Not the best fitting I would say, ^^; but since the figure isn't very heavy, it can stay on the display stand very well.

Stealing the signature move from a very close family member of him here XD

Now that I think of it, there has never been a Trans-Am version of MSIA Gundam Exia, probably never will be too.

Since the weapons are made of soft rubber, there's no problem adjusting the hand unit and the handle of GN Sword to allow a beam saber to be held.
Quite nifty, and there's no stress whatsoever done to the parts as well.

A comparison with the FG 1/144 scale plamo kit version to see the difference in scale.

The figure is about 1/150 in scale, as with all other MSIAs.

But the weapons are non-scale for sure, at least the GN Short and Long Blades are. ^^;

You have GN Long Blade that is longer than the plamo kit version; and GN Short Blade that has a handle of the same length but shorter blade portion. ^^; Everything goes on the design table of the folks at Tamashii Nation when they were planning this figure eh? XD

It does make sense with the "safety first" consideration as mentioned yesterday morning. I mean, that GN Short Blade sure looks sissy, but at least it's safe for kids. ^^

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