Saturday, August 23, 2014

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 28

A skeletal preview of amazing poseability for a large-sized MG

Just because it's still in inner frame form doesn't mean it's not possible for MG Sinanju Ver. Ka to showcase its awesome articulation design. ^^

Besides Sinanju itself, I'm eager to try out the many weapons on the model kit, especially the rocket bazooka, and shield. I must see how those large-sized weapons would look on an equally huge Master Grade kit, now. ^^

Very simple clip-type design of the kit's own mount rack part connects the model to its customized Action Base 1.

The rocket bazooka-equipped beam rifle looks really awesome. ^^

Even before completing the forearm with its armor, Sinanju can still use its shield - it can be mounted onto the shoulder binder's hanging arm.

The trouble of getting the entire naginata to fit inside a single picture has been well anticipated. ^^;

Amazingly natural-looking kneeling pose with the completed inner frame. ^^

The boss pose! ^^

Couldn't resist adjusting the last pose on Sinanju, even when it's still in inner frame form. ^^

Will move on to a short, separate review on something else before returning to assemble the armor parts onto this MG kit. ^^

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