Friday, August 15, 2014

Woodelix Rider Machine Part 3


Another Kamen Rider-related posting after the end of the review series on S.I.C. Vol. 42 Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form & Momotaros Imagin, but this one is about a much smaller-sized figure. ^^

The third figure from Woodelix Rider Machine shokugan set, after V-Jet, and Battle Hopper. ^^

Box open.

Content: a bubble wrap pack that contains the bike and its nameplate, and a piece of candy.

Something extra for this figure: the bike is being wrapped inside a rolled up cardboard that is meant to protect the figure's W-fin. ^^

HardBoilder is removed from the cardboard, and the nameplate is taken out from the bubble wrap.

HardBoilder is the designated motorcycle for Kamen Rider Double. Having a paint scheme of front-end-black-back-end-green, and a large W-fin above its headlamps are iconic design features of the bike. ^^

Introducing the simple gimmicks of the bike before showing off more images of it:

The front wheel together with its track forks and front fender can swivel from side to side.

The wheel component is actually connected to the handlebars. The linked movement of the two components through the front fairing feels realistic for such a small figure.

Pretty sharp tip on each fin.

The front and rear wheels do spin.

A little side stand on the left of the bike can be swiveled downward to support the bike.

More images of this shokugan figure:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:


Coming from a 2009 Kamen Rider series, HardBoilder's modern look certainly makes it very different when compared to V-Jet, and Battle Hopper. ^^ On the original design, the split between the black front end, and the green rear end of the bike is very obvious, mainly due to the weak cohesiveness of the two colors. On this figure however, while the split is still very obvious, having two different shades of brown to represent the original colors creates an overall harmonious color combination, which is pretty amazing. ^^

Lacking minute detailed parts like the tiny pipes and lights on V-Jet, or streamlined, organic feel of Battle Hopper, the "W" insignias on both side fenders, which are separately molded pieces assembled onto the designated component are my pick of details to be highlighted on this figure. ^^

Comparison between the figure and other objects to have a better idea of its small size:

Like the other two bikes, HardBoilder fits in the palm of my hand nicely. ^^

With Battle Hopper.

HardBoilder's larger fairing, and its fuel tank make the bike seems somewhat bigger than Battle Hopper.

The two nameplates.

With "Transformers: Prime" Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee in vehicle mode. ^^

As sport bikes, the two do share a similar-looking outline and overall shape, even though they come from completely different TV series. ^^

With Keroro Gunsou from Keropla God Keron.

While he can be posed riding on top of HardBoilder, Keroro Gunsou's arms aren't long enough to reach the handlebars. XD

Will be opening another box from this shokugan set in the future, but not so soon. ^^

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