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S.I.C. Vol. 42 Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form & Momotaros Imagin Part 5

Two of a kind

An introduction of S.I.C. Vol. 42 Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form and Momotaros Imagin after the previous posting. ^^

This should be the first time in which two figures' articulation design is covered in a single posting I believe, but since they are very similar to one another in that aspect, with just a few minor differences, I don't see the need to go beyond one posting for them. ^^

[Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form]

Turning the head to all direction is very easy.
As you can see, apart from the head, the neck itself is a separately movable part.

With the separate neck joint, you can even shift the head to the front to show the figure making a forward lunge. ^^

A ball-hinge combo joint connects each shoulder to the body. The ball-type part allows each shoulder to be hinged upward/downward, ...

... and bent forward/backward rather easily.

Apart from the shoulder armor, the shoulder guard is also on a hinge joint that allows it to be bent upward/downward.

The rather typical hinge design of the shoulder joint can be seen clearly from under the arm.

Swinging the arms forward/backward is very easy.

The upper arm can swivel around the shoulder joint.

The two "bracelets" are made of die-cast.

(Left) Standard range of movement for the elbow bend I would say.
(Right) Rounded design of the elbow joint gives the part a natural look on a humanoid figure. ^^

Already discussed in Part 2, the non-weapon type hand units (like this default pair of closed fists) are on straight pegs that allow them to be hinged inward/outward, and swivelled around the wrist.

Side-to-side and forward-backward bends are possible for the waist.

The gap between the armor and body on the back is wide enough to allow the figure to be bent backward, but not overly huge to look obtrusive in normal view.

The belt is fixed to a waist piece that can be rotated independently around the waist.

Each holster is connected to the belt via straight peg that is indifferent from the wrist joint.
It can be swung forward/backward, and hinged outward, for a very wide degree if there's a need for that. ^^;

Despite the elaborate look of the hips, they are designed with very ordinary ball-type joints.

Pretty standard hip expansion enabled by the ball-type joints shown above.

Using the same joint, the leg can be bent upward for almost exactly 90 degrees. ^^
Unfortunately, bending the leg backward is impossible, ...

... thanks to the figure's buttock that gets in the way. ^^;

The waist piece mentioned just now functions exactly like the soft plastic hip piece on Figma Kamen Rider Thrust and Kamen Rider Axe in not restricting the legs' upward bend.

A nice bonus for the hips' articulation: separated thigh swivel is implemented. ^^

Standard articulation range for the knee.

Standard double-hinge knee joint.

Due to the ankle guard, side-to-side swivel is somewhat limited for the foot.

Vertical hinge is easy for the ankle joint.

The front-most section of the foot in on a separate hinge that allows it to be bent upward.

The straight peg that connects the ankle joint to the foot allows the latter to be swivelled, with adequate range I would say, to support the figure in a wide angled standing pose.

With all of its flexible joints, a natural-looking kneeling pose for the figure can be configured very easily, as one would expect of an S.I.C. figure. ^^

Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form is ready for some serious action. ^^

But before that, here's a look at Momotaros Imagin's articulation design first. ^^ The overall design is identical to that on Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form, so I'll skip on the parts that are the same, and comment on just its special gimmicks. ^^

[Momotaros Imagin]

Neck joint

Momotaros Imagin's mandible can be hinged downward, revealing its teeth in full, and the interior of the mouth as well.
The interior of the mouth has pretty amazing sculpt and paint details - the palate looks incredibly realistic. ^^

Shoulder joint

Shoulder armor, and shoulder guard

Shoulder swing

Upper arm swivel

Elbow bend

Wrist swivel and hinge

Side-to-side rotation for the upper body.

Unlike Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form, there's no gap on Momotaros Imagin's back between the body and its armor that allows the figure to be bent backward. A somewhat similar gap can be seen in front, between the chest and abdomen, but it's not enough to make way for a forward bend. ^^;

Belt on separate waist piece

Ball-type joint for the hips

Upward bend for the leg

Limitation for the backward bend caused by the buttock

Soft plastic waist piece making way for the leg's upward bend

Thigh swivel

Knee bend

Interestingly, Momotaros Imagin's knee armor is fixed on top of its knee joint, allowing the top hinge of that joint to be covered up in all views. ^^

Ankle joint

With its identically awesome joint design, Momotaros Imagin is capable of performing a very natural-looking kneeling pose as well.

Momotaros Imagin is all set for action too. ^^

Some action poses of these two S.I.C. figures utilizing the articulation design introduced earlier on coming up in the next posting. ^^

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