Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Random (100)

Impulse decision trumps all indecision

Note: Nothing extravagant about the 100th posting in the Random series, since I have absolutely no idea about anything special to do about it. XD

Just got myself a new Transformers figure recently. ^^

Released in April 2013, this is Hasbro's Transformers Generations Thrilling 30 Voyager Class Autobot Springer. ^^ Along with its Sandstorm variant, I think this version of Springer is one of the best Transformers designs from Hasbro in a long while, and based on many reviews I had read before getting mine, many Transformers fans have the same opinion as well. ^^ Before eventually getting Springer, I actually struggled for a while deciding between him and Sandstorm. ^^; I like Springer's more conventional armored vehicle design, as opposed to Sandstorm's dune buggy alternate mode which gives its robot form two huge wheels on its backpack. I also like the clever design of Springer's sword, which turns into its helicopter blades. It's a weapon that is not available on Sandstorm. Then again, I like Sandstorm's orange on dark yellow color scheme much more than Springer's highlighter green on bright yellow scheme. There are great qualities on either version that I find really difficult to choose. ^^;

There's actually a perfect blend of the two versions: Takara Tomy's Transformers Cloud Hot Rodimus. It's basically Springer with Hot Rod's paint scheme. ^^ Unfortunately for me, and folks outside Japan, it's a Takara Tomy Mall limited item. ^^;

My own indecision was the main reason I skipped over this figure a couple of times when it was made available on local hobby webstores that I frequently visit for Transformers items, but when I saw the figure on the shelves at the toy division of a departmental store recently, and holding the box in my hands, I said to myself, "Forget it, I'm getting this." XD That instance of impulse decision pretty much ended an extended period of pondering over the two versions, which is good since I don't have to carry on arguing with myself until Springer is out of stock. ^^; Then again, giving a win to toy-purchasing impulse always feels like a dangerous business to me. ^^;

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