Saturday, July 11, 2009

MG Destiny Part 21 [Final]

Destiny, ikimasu!

Finally the end of this very long review on my MG Destiny. I would like to show you some of Destiny's action poses on his display stand in this final chapter.

Destiny looks most fearsome with his anti-ship sword in my opinion. ^^

Suffering from the fear of that beam launcher, I dared not adjust Destiny's hand to grasp the handle ^^;

One really doesn't have to try to know that he can't reach for his beam boomerangs on either shoulder in this fashion ^^;

The beam sword is quite a nice choice of weapon for action poses as well, and it's also much lighter than the anti-ship sword - less burdening to the wrist joint.

The longest review on a single kit on Ex at the moment. ^^; And I must say this is how I would Ex to go when it comes to reviews on the many Gundam and non-Gundam merchandises I have.

I enjoy the process of making models more than having fun with the completed work. Having limited space in my room, the models usually end up lying in their boxes cramped with other completed models with their boxes dismantled to save space. With boxes piling up on top of each other, I don't usually go and take them out and play with them either. So the greatest sense of satisfaction in Gunpla-ing for me is to know that I have done as much as I like for each part rather than the entire model, and that comes from those panel-lining and painting on the many parts, which will take up most of the reviews for each model.

As you can see from this review on MG Destiny, more than 3/4 of all the parts are on the processes of assembling it instead of say, the action poses.

You can expect other Gunpla reviews on Ex to be in similar style as well. ^^

Before the end of the review, I would like to show you the "bonus part" included in this kit mentioned towards the end of Part 20. I said it's for Strike Freedom, and many emailed me and asked if that was a mistake, that the bonus part was for Destiny instead of Strike Freedom.

Nope, it's for the later alright. ^^ And this is how you use it:

MG Strike Freedom's display stand.

The attach/detach type adapter can only be used on Strike Freedom's display stand only and is not compatible with Action Display Base 1.

Destiny's bonus part comes in with the exact adapter for Strike Freedom's parts, but with a different connector compatible with Action Display Base 1.

And this is how you get Strike Freedom onto Action Display Base 1 using the extra part from Destiny. ^^

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wencong1356 said...

whoa. a modeller would go crazy seeing the result of a nicely detailed model built by himself ^^

Stefan said...

Wow, Very Nice work!

Evaritus Lau said...

So that's the connector into A.B#1...

Thanks for the info bro !

Solid said...

Thats a nice MG Destiny you got there ngee!,

Check out my blog as wel,
And plz 'follow' it just as i did @ both your blogs :P

Chris said...

I'm impressed. The finished kit looks awesome.
Nice action poses there. I've not seen others with those poses. Haha, even Strike Freedom in that picture looks nice.

Chong said...

LOL, finally i have completed mine too

Q said...

A nice MG since Acguy, it surely has been a while (3 months!) ^^;

It's impressive how you've built the MG as well as having the details coloured here and there, even if they are to be covered up at the end.

If you are going to do the G-3 then you'll be ahead of me now; I am still stuck on some HGs at the moment (4 Type-61 tanks and 3 GM Commands! @_@)

G.G. said... it is finished. Very nice indeed.

I really enjoyed all the details inside the kit.

Unknown said...

Congrats, you have finally finished it =)

Marzz said...

Hey man, what did you use to panel the destiny? Gundam touch marker? you did quite a good job paneling models... How do you panel so well?