Saturday, September 19, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 18 [Final]

Definitely a must have

Despite some of the weaknesses mentioned here and there in some of the previous postings, MG Unicorn Gundam is definitely a must have and must do for all Gunpla fans. It isn't that difficult to build, with no screws and bolt - no polycap even, requires no painting, comes with plenty of decals and markings for those who love such details, has the interesting combination of clear red Psycho Frame and white armors give way to plenty of creativity in terms of coloring, and features the intriguing transformation gimmick.

Not to mention the very conventional Gundam face design as well.

Not trying to compare between the two kits, but you don't get to see MG Gundam RX-78-2 on most Gunpla review websites out there, but almost all of them have this Unicorn Gundam in their galleries. ^^

Anyway, some other points of this kit:

The opening of the pilot cockpit is no problem for either mode, but in Unicorn Mode, the Psycho Frame of the chest is revealed. ^^

Very flexible waist joint, especially in Destroy Mode when the upper body is lifted. There's a bit of constraint for the Unicorn Mode for this part though, as flexing the body would expose the Psycho Frame.

The real "Full-Arms" Unicorn Gundam XD
Plenty of options for holding or carrying the weapons, but using the forearm beam saber in Unicorn Mode would expose the Psycho Frame.

Plenty of options for mounting the weapons onto the model as well.
Mounting the spare magazines onto the rear skirt armors would make opening that part in Destroy Mode rather difficult. ^^;

The tab to mount the Beam Magnum to the backpack is made of ABS, so it's quite strong; the tab of the heavier bazooka is made of PS though, so extra caution required when removing it from the backpack to avoid breaking that part.

Removing the shield from the forearm always brings along the armor of that part as well for me, ^^; but that's not really a major problem.

The major articulation limit of this MG - the knee. Unless you modify it, the knee only bends for 45 degrees.
I wonder how will the upcoming SHCM-Pro version addresses this problem. ^^

Comparison with MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. OYW, MS-06J Zaku II, Rick Dom, Nu Gundam, Sazabi, God Gundam, HG 1/144 Gaia Gundam and PG Gundam Mk. II.
Taller than most of them, but you can also see how thin he is as well.

This MG version was actually the first Gunpla from Gundam UC released by Bandai, and the transformation gimmick is almost completely done without part-swapping. It's really worth looking forward to see what's Bandai's planning for the future for Gundam Unicorn. We have the non-transformable HGUC version and Robot Damashii, and the transformable but with plenty of part-swapping SHCM-Pro versions coming up soon. It's my belief that Bandai's trying out new features for each of these new releases, advancing through them.

For a PG release?

As Bandai seems confident enough to bundle PG 00 Raiser with GN Sword III for 26,250 Yen (inclusive of tax), I don't see why there's no possibility for a PG Unicorn Gundam, who is equally, if not more popular than the earlier.

End of next year maybe? Highly anticipatable. ^^

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Anonymous said...

poor God Gundam. Even standing straight it is still waay shorter than unicorn. good thing he still kicks serious ass in G vs G N.

good review, though my fav reviews from u are still sangokuden koumei and acguy, cause ur comments are so awesome.

seriously, they're really smart and funny. u should do more of those. i laugh everytime i read the comments.

Any-Key said...

I think I'm the only one who thought, while looking at the Unicorn Gundam and Rick-Dom comparison: 'Damn, the Rick-Dom is so much cooler than the Unicorn Gundam!'

While the Unicorn Gundam has some fine details I like (like the Beamsabre on the wrist and,... well,... that's 'bout it), I'd just get the Unicorn Gundam for the Unicorn mode - and 5000yen are too expensive for me - that's why I'll stick with the upcoming HGUC Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) + Dengeki Hobby Base.

'Definitely a must have' <--- not for me, as stated above, I'd rather get the (Rick-)Dom, a) cheaper, b) more tempting for me

Chris said...

Major articulation limit, the knee....I see, I will definitely think of a way to cut off that parts which obtruct the knee without doing too many damage to the whole appearance.

Anonymous said...

yeah the huge-ass gun on Rick Dom is pretty cool, spedcially since its like even taller than the suit itself.

Richard Openhappy said...

Nice comparsion on sizes with the Dom, Zaku, rx-78, etc. :)

Ben said...

Interesting to read so many years after