Friday, January 22, 2010

1/60 SV-51γ Nora's Unit Part 4

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... both

A photo review of how to transform 1/60 SV-51γ Nora's Unit from Fighter to Gerwalk mode today. ^^

First step is to close all landing gear hatches.

Pull the wing outward a bit to release its tab, and then turn it downward.

Push the tab at the bottom of the wing towards the body of the fighter to retract the rods inside the wing that help to keep its shape.

Retracting the rods is quite an important step, as the rods might break if the wing is folded forcefully, resulting in the wing being unable to stretch properly in fighter mode when it's transformed in the future.

Pull the arms outward from their storage compartments on the side the fighter.

The arms are held to the compartments via magnet. ^^

Untab the parts on the main body to release the Gunpod. The tabs on the side of the Gunpod's magazines can be retracted.

Untab the two panels on the body. These two parts will eventually become the knee armors of the Battroid mode.

The legs are released.

Details revealed on top of the fighter and beneath it as the legs are out.

State of the figure so far through the transformation. (I)

Stretch the knee joint and bend it downward.

Pull the ankle joint downward and extend the claws. All the joints are pretty stiff so a bit of force is required.

Bend the ankle joint downward to allow the figure to stand later.

Swing the entire arm forward for 90 degrees and rotate it upward for the same degree.

Bend the arm downward.
The next two steps would be the most confusing and hardest to follow from the manual. ^^;

Push the shoulder armor upward. This is the step which require the greatest strength throughout the entire process, so quite a bit of cold sweat was shed as I was worried about breaking the shoulder. A loud 'tud' is expected for the success of this transformation step.

And the most confusing part: swing the shoulder backward until the joint is on the same line as the body.
Before (left) and completed (right).
The joint doesn't really stay in place so one might be unsure if this is how it's supposed to be. It is according to the manual.

State of the arm so far.

State of the figure so far through the transformation. (II) Almost done actually.

Rotate the wings upward to (sort-of) become the shield. They will get in the way of the arm most of the time actually. ^^;

Extend the hand unit.

Tilt the wings upward to make it look "more folded" and the Gerwalk mode is completed. ^^

A bit of adjustment is still needed for the knee, leg and arm to make the Gerwalk mode more natural-looking, but this is pretty much how the whole transformation works. ^^

More images of the Gerwalk mode in the next review. ^^

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, looking great! I just finished watching Macross Zero about an hour ago, now I want one too! Too bad these are too pricey to get the VF-0 and both Gammas.