Monday, January 25, 2010

1/60 SV-51γ Nora's Unit Part 6

Very closer relationship with VF-25

One of the most exciting part of this review I believe - transforming 1/60 SV-51γ Nora's Unit into its Battroid mode. ^^

I'm doing it according to the manual, where the process starts from the Gerwalk mode. There's no showing of how you can do it straight from the fighter mode, but I suppose it's possible nonetheless.

First step is opening the front landing gear hatch.

Press the tab behind the hatch inward.

Fold the nose of the fighter for 180 degrees until it sits slightly into the gear hatch.

Next is to work on the legs. Rotate the thigh for 180 degrees so that the rear side of the leg in Gerwalk mode now faces the front and adjust the knee armor downward.

Now comes the long process of transforming the torso. ^^
Pull the body of the fighter horizontally near the mouth of the jet turbine engine.
This will release the lock separating the body from the waist.

Lift the body of the fighter upward and unhook a tab in the front part of the mid section.

Open the hatch on top of the body, which will reveal the top section of the twin jet turbine thrusters.

Slide the head out from its "compartment" behind the body.

Press the tab on the back of the body, which will allow you to rotate the nose of the fighter and form the upper body.

State of the transformation so far.
The axis of rotation for the transformation of the torso is the same as that of VF-25F and VF-27γ.

Rotate the nose downward, with the hatch closing on top of it.

The completion of the body is marked by locking the tab from the mid section just now into a slot beneath the nose of the fighter.

Adjust the joints of the neck and slide it into the compartment of the head just now.

A closer look at the head.

Working on the last part of the transformation - the wings.
Fold upward and then downward at two different joint sections to get the wings

"Flatten" the wings until you get the result as shown on the left wing (the one on the right side of the picture)

No (further) transformation required for the arm unit after the Gerwalk mode.

More images of this Battroid mode in the next review. ^^

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