Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 4

I'll follow you

Back to Gunpla a bit with more work on MG Crossbone Full Cloth. Still working on the weapons actually, which will be done after this review.

While not supposedly in yellow, I painted the nozzle's interior of the buster gun in that color to make it look close to all those beam barrels on the Peacock Smasher.

The targeting sensor of the buster gun, with no foil sticker included is painted in green using an oil-based paint marker.
No more transparent quality, but doesn't really matter to me since it's going to be deep inside its casing on the weapon.

A bit of optional painting applied - Gundam Marker Gray for the tip of the whips, and black for the interior of the buster gun's hammer (?).

All parts are panel-lined after the paint has dried.

Other parts of the Peacock Smasher and Muramasa Blaster to be panel-lined

The skulls on the body of the sword and parts for the Peacock Smasher are panel-lined.

All parts for the weapons completed. ^^

Will be moving on to the leg in the next review.

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