Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MG F91 Part 12

Red feet not

Moving on the legs of MG F91.

Like many MGs, the inner frame of the left and right legs are mirror design of each other. So no worries of messing up the parts for the wrong leg there. Some of the parts which required painting are gathered and done in this part of review.

Parts concerned: hydraulic pipes for the ankle, ankle joints and bottom of the feet.

Painting the hydraulic pipes in gold and silver, as usual ^^

The color of the little pipes on the ankle joints as shown on the box. There are 2 pipes on each of the 4 parts.

And as usual as well. ^^

Manual showing the bottom of the feet to be in red, which is not really my preference because it would make the 2 parts, which form the leg's inner frame rather doggy (black when viewed from the front, but red on the bottom).

I just painted the thruster portion in gray using Gundam Marker from Gundam SEED set.

Scratched away the excess paint, ...

... and panel-lined the lines around the thrusters will give you a very good contrast against the entire part.

More painting for some other parts of the legs coming up in the next review.

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Zoidiect Archaea said...

looks like you'd argued with the manual ^^