Saturday, December 17, 2011

1/100 Gundam Virtue Part 4

Code name Silver Line, going in!

Continuing the work on 1/100 Gundam Virtue.

Things are getting easier after all the paint work and on and off referencing the manual for that. It's back to some very basic panel lining work I'm very used to. ^^

Panel lining for Gundam Virtue's leg armor parts.

Very nice outcome for the gray split between the front and rear armors. ^^

The ankle guard and knee area's interior is panel lined as well, in case the parts will be shown when the Gundam bends its leg.

Same goes for the ankle area as well.
The armors are just too wide for the details to not be shown. ^^;

Like the leg armors, the splits between the two forearm armors are painted gray, with Gundam Marker this time for the convenience. ^^

Panel lining for the forearm armor parts.

The gray splits between the parts.

A bit of panel lining for the armors' interior.

Unlike the other three 1/100 scale "Gundam Double O" Season One Gundams, there are molded details behind Gundam Virtue's shoulder armors.

Simple panel lining work applied.

Trying out the parts to have a preview of the end result. ^^

The painted result of the beam bazooka's yellow parts.
There are line details in there that would seem a bit too ordinary if black lines are applied. ^^

To make the lines more extravagant (^^), they are going to be treated with silver paint instead of usual black panel lines, but the molded line details on the parts are just too narrow for my normal silver pen to be used, so I opted for silver foil sticker pieces instead.

Using toothpicks to get those foil sticker pieces into the part. ^^

The end result. ^^
I only did the bottom area since it's easier, but I might come back to these parts and do the slant lines on the sides.

Making use of the foil sticker sheet's corner area, so no extra material is needed for the task. ^^

Trying out the parts to have a preview of the end result. ^^

Moving on to more panel lining work next. ^^

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Anonymous said...

Using the silver foil sticker inside the yellow part of the bazooka is GENIUS~^^