Saturday, December 17, 2011

1/100 Gundam Virtue Part 5

Lines of fail

Even more large parts of 1/100 Gundam Virtue to get their panel lines after the previous posting. ^^

Simple panel lining for Gundam Nadleeh's waist parts.

Completing the panel lining on Gundam Virtue's humongous rear skirt armor. ^^

All the long straight lines are extremely fun to work on. ^^

Panel lining on the rest of Gundam Virtue's skirt armor parts.
Just realized that the long "bars" on the side skirt armor should be painted in gray - they are sort of the "extensions" from the rear skirt armor. ^^;

Painted the said parts with Gaia Color 074 Neutral Gray IV.

Panel lining for the gray interior part of the rear skirt armor.

Some minor details inside the space that holds the yellow thrusters are also panel lined.

Panel lining for Gundam Virtue's upper arm parts.
The upper arms are supposedly unchanged for Gundam Nadleeh as well, but I'll just refer to the main one for the convenience. ^^

Gundam Nadleeh's forearm parts.

The mount rack's interior is painted black, which is the same treatment for the same area on the other three 1/100 scale "Gundam Double O" Season One Gundams.
The slots are for the beam rifle and shield I suppose, but they aren't included for this kit unfortunately.

Panel lining on the back of the forearm parts.

Panel lining for the yellow area on GN Field Generator turned out to be pretty bad. ^^; Multiple layers of paint that almost hid all the line elevation, plus very smooth surface of the dried paint made it extremely hard for my panel liner to be maneuvered on the parts. Most of the lines are pretty badly drawn. ^^;

Since they are done on painted surface, repetition of wiping off the lines and redrawing them will only result in smudging the paint (yellow + black is a horrible combo ^^;), so I just tried my best and went ahead with the lines.

Trying out the parts to have a preview of the end result.
"Close enough" ^^;

Simple panel lining work for the backpack and cannon parts.

A little bit of gold paint (from Gundam Marker) for the little round details on the backpack connector parts.

Little panel lining for the other waist parts.
The thrusters were already done in Part 3.

The panel lining on the yellow portion on those GN Field Generator parts - all eight sides of them was a bit of a setback on the really smooth experience so far on 1/100 Gundam Virtue. ^^; I was wondering if the parts would look better if they are kept in plain yellow after panel lining them, but that's more like trying to go back and pretend that I knew the panel lining wouldn't go as well as expected, which obviously wasn't the case. ^^;

I think it'll be fine. ^^ Just a few parts with bad panel lining won't ruin the overall kit. ^^

Moving on to panel lining the body parts next.

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