Sunday, December 18, 2011

1/100 Gundam Virtue Part 6

Finally, smaller parts ... Eh, not really ...

Moving on to some smaller parts of 1/100 Gundam Virtue. ^^

From all white ...

... to panel lined parts for Gundam Nadleeh's body that reveals a fair bit of details.
The two parts are pretty large in size, making the work very enjoyable. ^^

Trying out the parts to have a preview of the end result. ^^

Panel lining for Gundam Nadleeh's shoulder blocks.

Very simple panel lining work on the body parts of Gundam Virtue. ^^

Added a little bit of Gundam Marker Gray to the little "screw" details on the chest piece of Gundam Virtue.

The front segment of Gundam Virtue's secondary V-Fin frame should be in white. Although there are foil stickers given for the said parts, there's a bit of sunken area that won't be represented well using foil stickers.

Painted the area using Gundam Marker White.
A couple of layers are needed to cover up the black base color.

Result of the paint work. Panel lines are added to highlight the sunken area once the paint has dried.

(Left) The little "toothbrush bits" on the secondary V-Fins are chipped off using nippers.
(Right) With the little chest vent parts of Gundam Nadleeh.

Working on large parts again - the legs of Gundam Nadleeh.
Foil stickers are going to be used for the valleys between the front and rear sides of the legs - supposedly GN Stripes.

Trying out the parts to have a preview of the end result.

Simple panel lining on the thigh parts, which feels oddly similar to the same component on Gundam Dynames. ^^

Gundam Nadleeh's knee part.

A tiny vent on the edge of the foot's white part is painted in gray using Gundam Marker.

A very smooth and successful round of work on 1/100 Gundam Virtue this time, as compared to the GN Field generator in the previous posting. ^^; I'll try to keep that up all the way till the end, which is coming up next actually, since only the head parts remain. ^^

On a separate note, looking back at some of the chest parts done so far, I think I missed out the paint work on two gray abdomen parts. ^^; They will be painted, but most likely won't be shown anymore in the next posting so that I can focus on new parts from the kit instead of the ones to be redone. ^^

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