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Hot Toys 1/6 Jill Valentine BSAA Ver. Part 3

All the straps and their hassles

Equipping Hot Toys' 1/6 Jill Valentine with all the accessories mentioned in the previous posting. ^^

I've no intention of removing all the accessories later, so this would be the last time Jill is shown in her "plain form" ^^

The shoulder holsters go on first.
I find it difficult to put the holsters on one shoulder and get the other arm to slide through on the opposite side. The shoulder's articulation is too limited for the latter to work.

Instead, it's a lot easier if both arms are turned to the back for the holsters to slide on in one go. ^^

No special clip or tab to secure the holsters. They stay on the figure's shoulders just like that.

There's a tiny slot on the left belt for a tab behind the radio pouch to peg into it. Getting the tab that is made of soft rubber just like the pouch to lock in place is a mighty hassle. ^^; It got so frustrating after a while I even unhooked the headset from the radio to focus getting the radio pouch onto the belt. ^^;

Getting the headset to clip onto the ear is pretty troublesome as well, since there's nothing behind the ear or on the headset itself to lock the item. ^^;

I suppose the idea was that it doesn't matter, because when the cap comes on, the chances of the headset gets knocked off is not that great.

Putting on her cap.
The cap is a tight fit for Jill's head, so at some point you'll need to push it down on her head hard for it to fit.

Jill with her cap on. ^^
Just enough clearing for the ears and headset. ^^

Mounted the handgun holster to the right thigh by adjusting the nylon webbing straps to attach to the belt, and around the thigh.
Using a pair of tweezers to pull the strap down when it's through the belt is a lot easier than using fingers. ^^

Attach the two "purpose-unknown" pouches (from the previous posting ^^;) to the right side of the belt by sliding the straps behind the pouches through the belt.

The larger magazine gun magazine pouch is attached to the left thigh via the same method as the handgun holster on the right.

Another handgun magazine pouch hangs above the machine gun magazine pouch.

Jill backpack is attached to the back of her waist, on her left.

As mentioned in the previous posting about its content, the waist pack's size is deceivingly disproportionate to its weight XD

The aid spray pouch is placed on the right.

More weapons and accessories that can be equipped onto the figure. ^^
These are not all actually, looking at the image above, I just realized the two hand grenades are not included. ^^;

The knife and its pocket.
The brightly colored knife is somewhat "normal" (even though I always like shiny silver blades for figures and models) when compared to the holder that has weathering effect treatment. ^^

The knife slides into the holder with ease.

Although you can unhook the tabs on the straps to tie them around the leg, it's much easier to just detach the leg from the boot and slide the whole thing through the it.
The realistic feel of the figure is somewhat demolished with the exposure of its ankle joint there XD

The straps from the knife holder needs to be adjusted properly so that the weapon is secured on the leg.

Jill's handgun Beretta PX4 Storm.

Closeups on the details.
And it's not all just for show, the gun has a few gimmicks on its own. ^^

The magazine can actually be removed from the grip, and the topmost clip inside the magazine that is exposed is painted as well.

The slide can actually be moved to the back, simulating the weapon's actual operation.

Two extra magazines are included, which are interchangeable with the default one already loaded in the handgun.

Despite being just accessories, the spare magazines' details and paint work is consistent with the default one.

The handgun can be stored inside its pouch.

The torchlight cap can be opened/closed via a hinge joint.
It has a silver painted interior and a clear piece on top of it, which looks just like a real torchlight.

Small as it is (about 3cm in length) the line details on the body are very distinctive. ^^

The torchlight fit into its dedicated slot on the handgun holster very easily.

Two hand grenades, as printed on the body. ^^
Some weathering effect can be observed from the paint work as well. ^^

Unlike the "white cans", the safety pins on these two grenades are non-removable.

The two grenades are equipped onto the left side of the waist.

Two smoke grenades (?)
The clean white paint on the body is very distinctive among all the weapons. ^^

The super tiny safety pin is removable on both grenades. ^^

Not mentioned in the instruction sheet, but the two grenades can be clipped onto the belt, and since there's still room, why not? ^^

Jill's main weapon, Heckler & Koch MP5A3 sub machine gun.

Closeups on the details.
And like the handgun shown earlier on, this sub machine gun has a few gimmicks on its own too. ^^

The trigger group levers on both sides of the machine gun are movable.
The lever is to select "the number of bullets that will be fired when the trigger is pulled and held rearward with a full magazine inserted" (from Wikipedia).

I have no idea how the actual weapon is supposed to work, so I'll just choose the symbol that shows more bullets. XD

Retracted by default, the stock can be extended.

The magazine can be removed as well, and what do you expect, the clip inside it is painted too. ^^

Two spare magazines are included, which are interchangeable with the default one already loaded in the sub machine gun. Their clips are painted as well.

Equipped the weapon to Jill's right hand.

More images of a fully equipped Jill Valentine and introduction of the rest of her weapons in the next posting. ^^

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