Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random (12)

It's time to put on those nostalgia glasses

Amiami Blog just put up two postings regarding an interview with Tamashii Nation's staff member regarding the development on the Super Robot Chogokin line, particularly about MagiKing that would be released in March next year. It's a very interesting read, but I saw something in that interview and completely forgot MagiKing. ^^; In Part 1, a silhouette shot of a future release from the mecha series was also shown.

Oh oh oh~ Trust me everybody, it's totally impossible to guess who that is XD

Just joking there obviously. That posting on Amiami Blog gave a fair bit of information (or spoilers if you want to call it that) about the robot's identity.

── このマンモス、サーベルタイガー、トリケラトプスのシルエット!

Some mentioning of a Mammoth, Saber Tiger and Triceratops. Folks who grew up watching "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" would have no problem recognizing it's the original Megazord, which is called Daizyujin (大獣神) from its Japanese origin Super Sentai series "Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger". ^^

Amiami Blog did followed up on that silhouette shot by revealing the complete image of Super Robot Chogokin Daizyuzin in Part 2 of the interview. ^^

A prototype (試作) as it's labelled in that posting, but it seems like everything is ready and is set to be released tomorrow. XD It's totally gorgeous. ^^ The proportion is good, and it's still a very loyal depiction of that robot. It no longer looks like a guy wearing rubber and cardboard suit doing all the stunts as seen from the TV show (XD), and omission of the transformation gimmick gives it a really sleek look. Very nice. ^^

Then again, it probably won't be released until MagiKing is out, so a few months of waiting is inevitable. ^^;

In the meantime, you can watch this video clip over and over again XD

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Don't forget to take down those nostalgia glasses and come back to the real world when you're done XD

Images are from Amiami Blog: Link 1, Link 2.

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