Friday, December 16, 2011

1/100 Gundam Virtue Part 3

Finishing up the gray business

It's kind of hard to see exactly which area on those parts highlighted in the previous posting was painted with all the green arrows and circles here and there, so this posting will be a showcase of the paint work I did last night. ^^

Gundam Nadleeh and Virtue's shoulder armors

Gundam Virtue's leg armors

The splits between the front and rear armor pieces.

The ankle guard area.

Gundam Virtue's helmet

Gundam Virtue's GN Field generator

The yellow portion of GN Field generator.

Initially painted using Mr. Color 109 Character Yellow, the color seemed too dark to me, so I added another layer of Gundam Marker Yellow paint to "lighten" the color. ^^;

Gundam Nadleeh's arms

Gundam Nadleeh's shoulder blocks

Gundam Nadleeh's waist

Gundam Virtue's waist

Gundam Nadleeh's feet and leg parts

Segments on GN Beam Bazooka's body

Part of GN Beam Bazooka's interior that would be exposed in its "Burst Mode" is painted silver using Gundam Marker.

The muzzle(?) is painted black using normal marker.

The line details inside the rear skirt armor's yellow thrusters are done using the black paint with thinner method.

Panel lining and some minor paint work to start with the next posting. ^^

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