Monday, December 19, 2011

Having Too Much Fun

Inventory check

Occasionally, I blog about the hobby stuff I got, but most of the time, good stuff just arrived without much mentioning. Among the new items, I had taken a few out of their boxes, but majority of them still slumbers within their sealed packages - I just don't feel like unpacking them yet. ^^ As a matter of fact, some of my previous year's purchases are still very well wrapped in their boxes. I could sell them off as MISB (mint in sealed box) items if I want to, but I won't do that. ^^;

Before the end of the year, here's a bit of preview of what might-but-not-very-sure-could-possibly come in as items to be reviewed next year. ^^;

I don't celebrate Christmas, but if I do, I had already celebrated it many many times this year, and more are happening soon too. ^^ I think I'm having too much fun already. ^^;

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Steven said...

Well it look's like next year your blog "might-but-not-very-sure-could-possibly be" very interesting to follow :)