Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HGUC Sazabi Part 10

Simply huge

The last part of the HGUC Sazabi's assembly before its final completion.

Parts of the body unit.

Major separable components of the body unit.

Very nice one-piece part for the entire chest. Besides the smooth curvy look, the edge of the part matches the black body block very accurately.

The shoulder joint can be bent frontward ...

... and upward for a limited degree.

With the arms and backpack completed in the previous posting.

All done for the upper body.

And with the lower body from Part 8, the entire body is now completed. ^^

Parts of the head.

The mono-eye camera that was painted using Gundam Marker Eye Green back in Part 7.

Major separable components of the head.

Done for the head.
The sharp look of Sazabi's head is fantastically realized. ^^

(Left) The mono-eye camera can be seen through naked eye if it's that close.
(Right) Camera flash reveals the gray arc of the mono-eye camera that was painted together with the eye unit. ^^

The mono-eye camera is movable, and it seems that the eye can be seen clearer when it's not centered on the goggles. ^^

When assembled onto the neck, camera flash is needed to reveal the eye. ^^;

Like its arch-rival, the neck joint can be tilted backward for a wide degree, allowing Sazabi to "look up" despite its large cap behind the helmet.

An all completed Sazabi without any handheld weapon yet. ^^

A full size comparison with HGUC Gundam RX-78-2 for another look at how small the latter is as compared to Sazabi. ^^

With both insignias from Gundam Decal and the mono-eye camera painted using Gundam Marker, none of the clear stickers included is used this time. ^^

More images of the completed kit:

As anticipated, this is a really awesome kit. ^^ Its size is intimidating, as shown and mentioned over and over again since Tuesday. At the same time, the overall model is very solid as well. The use of ABS hard plastic parts for all its major joints really helps in securing everything, so despite the weight that "compliments" all the large components (obviously), ^^; the kit doesn't feel flimsy at all. It looks like a boss, it most definitely feel like a boss too. ^^

In comparison with its arch-rival, even though Nu Gundam did very well in balancing itself with the whole block of Fin Funnels on, it's doesn't feel as great as Sazabi in my opinion. The left hand side of that kit is too "heavyweight" while the opposite side seems so very empty. ^^; Sazabi has a more balanced look, even though its shield is pretty massive, but I do prefer a large solid shield. It's fitting for Sazabi's image.

Maybe I'm biased for Zeon MS in making that comparison, since I'm a big fan of fierce-looking robot design, and Sazabi's definitely among the few on top of my list. It's a great MS design, and this HGUC kit is able to realize that awesome image very well, and of course articulation and posability too, but I'll get to that in the next posting. ^^

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Anonymous said...

The Sazabi is simply amazing, even for a HGUC, I think it beats the MG in almost every aspects (except size hahaha).